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Sister Clarone's 6 Word Story of Hope

Set your sites, says Sister Clarone, on a life full of extraordinary hope.  

Sister Theresa's 6 Word Story of Hope

These six modes of mindfulness, shares Sister Theresa, open us to hope.

Sister Pauline's 6 Word Story of Hope

Within quiet and thoughtful expression, Sister Pauline finds hope. 

Sister Dorothy's 6 Word Story of Hope

Sister Dorothy: called for and nurtured into religious life.

Sister Rita Mae's 6 Word Story of Hope

Sister Rita Mae gets creative with her 6 Word Story of Hope.

Sister Jolynn's 6 Word Story of Hope

We are imbued in the bounty of God's greatest gifts.

Sister Joyce's 6 Word Story of Hope

Sister Joyce shares six words bursting with joyful self-discovery.

Sister Mary's 6 Word Story of Hope

It's the season, shares Sister Mary, to appreciate the hope that's shining bright.

Sister Mildred's 6 Word Story of Hope

Living kindness leads to love and lives uplifted.

Sister Helen's 6 Word Story of Hope

Moments of metamorphosis open us to beautiful newness.

Celebrating the Feast Day of St. Clare

Are you gazing, contemplating, considering, imitating ... discerning today?

Sister Eileen's 6 Word Story of Hope

Sister Eileen's multilingual message of hope shows us the way.

The grace of perseverance

"Life with God and in God will always be an adventure."

Sister Esther's 6 Word Story of Hope

Sister Esther shares her six-word path to hope ... and discernment.

Sister Marian's 6 Word Story of Hope

With optimism and faith, hearts abide ...

Sister Rita's 6 Word Story of Hope

She's ready to serve all of creation. Are you?

Celebrating freedom ... from a distance

No matter the space between us, we unite with you in peace.

Sister JoAnn's 6 Word Story of Hope

Hope with trust, reliance and belief.

Sister Kathy's 6 Word Story of Hope

Humanity unites in Sister Kathy's 6 Word Story of Hope.

Sister Meg's 6 Word Story of Hope

Are we isolated by a pandemic or welcoming personal growth, glowing with transfiguration? 

Sister Sarah's 6 Word Story of Hope

Relationships in religious life perpetually bloom. 

Sister Amy's 6 Word Story of Hope

How are you discovering, building, learning ... discerning?

Honoring legacy, service

Let us unite in prayer this Memorial Day.

Spiritual dust in the season of spring cleaning

Under the clutter, are you uncovering invitations to religious life?

'Christ is among us and in each of us.'

Searching for recovery and inspiration ... we too are watching the tomb.

Christ has risen!

Let's celebrate the renewal of life and hope.

In Lent and COVID-19, what do I see?

Collaboration to survive, learning new ways to thrive


How do you walk with thirst in your own desert experience?

Join our CSW celebration

We're excited to have you with us this Catholic Sisters Week!

Let's celebrate Catholic Sisters Week!

All are invited to join, experience and listen with FSPA as we celebrate women religious!   

Reflection 12: gaze, consider, contemplate, imitate ... discern [video]

Do I have unanswered questions that God can guide me through?

Reflection 5: gaze, consider, contemplate, imitate ... discern [video]

If I could go anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Reflection 2: gaze, consider, contemplate, imitate ... discern [video]

What if I chose to live with others who also want to make a difference?

It's time to rejoice!

"May this day be filled ..."

Joy in the waiting

Advent in action: are you living in the glow of discernment?

Discerning from both sides of the river bank

Advent in action: are you recognizing division in your life?

Celebrating the work of making room

Advent in action: Are you willing to make room for Jesus and the world in your life?

In the spirit of thanksgiving to God

Let's gather around the table full of blessings and prayers.

Sister Janet to discerners: 'Say yes. You won't be sorry.'

"There was fun, excitement and challenge in all of it."

Sister Maris to discerners: 'Be aware of what feels right.'

"It came to me when I first visited St. Rose ..."

Step boldy into vocation with Sister Laura! [video]

Are you discerning and wondering "How will I navigate my changing role as a daughter?"

Step boldy into vocation: meet Sister Kristin!

Meet Sister Kristin along the #2019MeetOurSisters Tour route today!

Step boldly into vocation: Giving Voice

Are you called to add your voice to the vocation conversation? 

Step boldy into vocation with Sister Dawn! [video]

Sister Dawn, nurturing relationships and National Vocation Awareness Week!

Sister Laura to discerners: 'Do not be afraid to trust ...'

Have faith "in your deepest desires and God's grace."

Sister Rita Mae to discerners: talk, explore, pray

"I had several strong influences to inspire me."

Celebrating discernment, diversity, family and Francis

"Francis would be happy" for the "diversity of the Franciscan family."

Listening, exploring and discerning like Francis

"No matter where discernment takes you, carry today's Gospel acclamation as you journey forth ..."

Sister Clarone to discerners: '... listen to your heart.'

‘My delight has been being spirit led to an ever-deepening relationship with God.’

Sister Linda to discerners: 'I thank God every day for my vocation.'

"I just knew since second grade," shares Sister Linda about her discernment.

Sister Jolyce: "... my life, my decision."

How a candid conversation led to 60 years of religious life.

The celebration continues! [video]

Honoring discernment, ministry and perpetual adoration

Sharing wisdom with women discerning religious life ...

“It just seemed to be my way,” says Sister Lorraine.

Celebrating peace, harmony, history and freedom

For these blessings and the opportunity to choose religious life, we give thanks.

Sister Rosile: "Kindness attracted me to FSPA."

Sister Rosile's advice to discerners: “Trust in God — you will be making the right choice.”

Sister Beth: "Pay attention to your dreams and desires."

"I love companioning people as they live into the fullness of God's invitation for their life."

There's more to Sister Laura's discernment story ... [video]

Sharing support — like she received in vocations — with future Franciscan leaders.

How do I navigate my changing role as daughter? Meet Sister Laura. [video]

In Sister Laura’s Show me a sign video, she discusses how she navigates her changing role as daughter.

Sister Celesta: "What more could I ask?"

"The most exciting realization ... is that I'm not finished!"

Lives that sparkle among us [Video]

Celebrating the selfless giving of FSPA jubilarians!

Rejoice in love and resurrection

Celebrating eternal goodness of God's love and Christ's resurrection this Easter Sunday.

Discerning love in action

Celebrating love, action ... and discernment in Holy Week.

Discerning action, new adventure in Lent and religious life

What adventure God is offering for you to consider?

There's more to Sister Jacinta's discernment story

From discernment to ministry, Sister Jacinta inspires: "You've given me something to think about."

Will I stay in contact with my family? Meet Sister Jacinta. [Video]

In Sister Jacinta’s Show me a sign video, she discusses the common religious life discernment question, “Will I stay in contact with my family?” 

There's more to Sister Dawn's discernment story

"Tapping into wisdom and knowledge ... as we all walk together to make a difference in the world."

How will religious life affect my relationships? Meet Sister Dawn. [Video]

Sister Dawn, in this Show me a sign video, discusses the common religious life discernment question: How will religious life affect my relationships?

Discerning our love in the world ... today

How could religious life call you to be a person of love in the world?

There's more to Sister Sarah's discernment story ... [video]

"You can't say yes to religious life until you can say no to it. It must be a free choice."

What if my family isn’t Catholic? Meet Sister Sarah. [Video]

In Sister Sarah’s Show me a sign video, she and her parents discuss the common religious life discernment question, “What if my family isn’t Catholic?” 

Images of discernment: what's missing?

Are you the lost link in strengthening service to those in need?

Discernment iridescent this new year

Is the spark of religious life guiding you?

Merry, joyful and bright

Let's celebrate all the gifts in our hearts ... including discernment of religious life.

Discernment and Advent: is your heart ready for the celebration?

Hope is there like a long, invisible chain, linking the moments until the celebration can begin.

Discernment and Advent: called to new life

How has God been with you ... every step of the way?

Discernment and Advent: what are you preparing for?

How will we make the time to give our attention to prayer, not only during the season of Advent but throughout the whole year?

Gathering in gratitude

What are you thankful for today?

There's more to Sister Lucy's discernment story ...

"Being a part of community has clearly amplified what I can do with my life in ways that I could never do as a single Catholic woman."

Premiere: What if my family doesn’t agree with my choice? [Video]

In our premiere video, watch Sister Lucy and her sister Eileen talk about the sibling relationship during discernment and after profession of vows. 

Clearing hurdles with vocation discerners

"Young People, the Faith and Vocational Discernment" and FSPA give voice to 'counter-cultural choices.'

What will you bring to the feast today [and every day]?

Reach out to our brothers and sisters -- do what is yours to do -- through prayer, in ministry.

A new career in religious life?

Ask any Catholic sister: a "yes" to religious life can open more doors than ever imagined.

Honoring service, goodness

Reflecting and renewing as revolutionaries of goodness on Labor Day.

Mary, Clare, a novice and an associate: discerning pathways to God

Where do these pioneers, blazing their own paths to religious life, inspire you to go?

Sounding the bell for 140 years of 24/7 prayer [video]

FSPA celebrates the ministry, since Aug. 1, 1978, of perpetual adoration to the world.

Discerning wisdom in words

Are you carrying and comprehending security, delight and love through the doors to religious life?

Empowering peace this Fourth of July

Let us light up the sky with bold goodness of prayer ...

Discerning Religious Life? Consider the power of a good question…

We learn by asking questions…lots and lots of questions. 

When someone wants to learn more about membership with our congregation, we receive and answer some common questions time and again. And, to help answer those, we've created a reflection guide (learn more and reserve your copy!) ... 

Finding God at the wheel with Sister Laurice

"... each new shape of clay," shares Sister Amy about her time with Sister Laurice at the potter's wheel, "mirrored my own transformation as a religious sister."

As we prepare for Memorial Day

Let us remember, celebrate, pray.

Stepping into bright futures

Sister Amy celebrates "... all the ways that God has brought you to this milestone in your life."

Called to the right now of the journey

Discernment: "... when a walk becomes a gateway to prayer that soothes our souls."

Sister Sandra celebrates, contemplates religious life in jubilee

"... living religious life is a journey," shares Sister Sandra, who learned in ministry that "miracles happen."

Sister Cormarie celebrates, contemplates religious life in jubilee

"In my heart," shares Sister Cormarie, "my vows were final the first time I spoke them."

FSPA reflects upon World Day of Prayer for Vocations

Praying for religious life on April 22: who will you invite to the conversation?

Discerning love in action

Celebrating love, action ... discernment in Holy Week.

Sister Marla celebrates, contemplates religious life in jubilee

Tending to discernment requires prayer, guidance, openness ... risking the goodness when found.

Filling our hearts this Easter season

Let us celebrate Jesus and the joyfulness of his resurrection. 

Praying for a blessed Holy Week

He fills our spirits with joy!

FSPA at RE Congress 2018 ... Rise Up!

Sisters Amy and Kathy reached out to hundreds of people with "Discernment of signs along the way: your story of service in the Catholic Church" at the recent Los Angeles Religious Education Congress.

What inspires Sister Sue about religious life today?

"The time is blooming with opportunity, and craving what we have to offer."

What inspires Sister Janet about about religious life today?

"The trust lay people put in me with their personal lives." 

These are our own Meribah moments

How can the invitation to discern help you develop your own heart of flesh?

Temptation and transformation in the desert

God guides us to explore the depths of vocational discernment even in the most dreaded circumstances, with us as we confront the temptations that threaten our fidelity to live in communion with God.

Hearts and ashes

When desire to be of service is present, are we ready to love like Christ?

1,080 years of religious life

Let the 2018 FSPA Jubilee celebrations begin!

Turn your back or open your arms to discernment?

Will we live with eyes wide open or avert our glance, ignoring our brothers and sisters in need?

It's where I pray

In a chair, near a window, Sister Maris prays and receives stability, change and connection.

Pray as you pray

Silent, spoken, individual, communal, mindful: Sister Clarone reflects on fruitful paths to prayer.

Discovery in discernment: breakthroughs of mind and heart

Like a scientific finding, discernment starts with a question.

Happy New Year!

Wishing you all the joy and inspiration of discernnment in 2018 and a lifetime to come.

Merry Christmas!

Carry this gift, from your journey through Advent and discernment, always in your spirit.

Beacons of hope

Spiritual blisters: symbols of joy discovered in risking the journey.


Discipline and commitment in our hearts: not just in Lent but Advent and discernment too.

Journey of Advent

How is your discernment part of the pilgrimage experience? Are you willing to enter the passage?

Sister Ronalda: I need to live and love

Her "heart in the middle of my being" is vital to Sister Ronalda.

This day of thanks and giving

Gathering, contemplating and praising as we celebrate Thanksgiving.

A transformative moment

In discernment, abundance is recognizing that God provides more than we could ever consume.

Sister Sue: nature is prayer

Creation, says Sister Sue, is a small footprint of God's capacity.

What did you say?

From novice to the common good: the language of discerning religious life.

Sister Antona: comfort, joy and security in prayer

"I thank God daily," says Sister Antona, "for His companionship and love."

Discernment: clothed in your own uniqueness

Call to mind the boldness of wearing orange when the world encourages you to blend in.

Sister Anita: the soul searching question

Calling through quiet to her innermost spirit and that of God, and listening "to find the courage and RESPOND" is, for Sister Anita, prayer. 

Action vs. contemplation in discernment?

Active vs. contemplative discernment: visiting communities and meeting sisters equally essential as praying for wisdom and direction.

Sister Rita Mae: painting as prayer

Sister Rita Mae Fischer finds sanctuary, centering, connection and courage in the heartache of death through painting.

Discerning, igniting a revolution of peace

What would happen if we woke up and fostered peace and positivity instead of hate and greed?

Sister Karolyne: God's sacred creation in morning and evening prayer

Simple and natural and wonderful, the astronomical gifts of all creation call Sister Karolyne twice daily to most profound prayer. 

Intuition: an essential tool for home improvement and discernment

There may not be assembly instructions for completing the perfect household project or the future, discernment included.

Sister Jean: Praying

Movement ... mindfulness ... self ... love ... presence: Sister Jean's Franciscan Way.

Tuning in to God, discernment

Sister Amy, in her own discernment, found that "Each community carried individual tones and music of life."

Sister Lucy Ann: expression of my time with Jesus

Poetry as prayer: Sister Lucy Ann is "experiencing deep and profound insights about who I am and how to live more fully into the mysteries of life."

Crisis reveals goodness

Walking together — through life changers like discernment — takes courage and conviction but also generates power to shape the future.

Sister Sharon: Letters to God

"A letter to God," writes Sister Sharon in Franciscan Way, "turned out not to be penance at all."

Imagination inspires vision in discernment

Discernment: imagining yourself in new climates, cultures an invitation from God. 

Sister Georgia: A morning offering

May the warmth of the cup, transferred to my hands, be a reminder of the warmth and love I am to extend to all who I meet today.

Viewing relationships in a discernment eclipse

What happens when parents, friends experience their own moments of obscurity in your discernment?

Sister Katie: ordinary day, invitation to pray

Intimacy with God is not separate from day-to-day life.

New horizons ahead

What would happen if you contacted the community whose website is open in your browser?

Sister Kathy: The cup and the tube

"Good Morning Jesus" -- my soul's connection with the presence of God.

Obituaries and celebrating St. Clare

Your obituary: will it speak to your courage, service, voice, gifts?

Sister Celesta: Prayer

When the helping hand comes, that's my answer.

Life as a nun today: FSPA can relate

FSPA: living modern lives, sacred traditions.

Sister Amy: grateful for the ways I'm inspired to pray

The Holy Spirit is really good at getting my attention, inviting me to contemplation.

Prayer anniversary sparks compassion

As each bell chimed, my vision of the world widened; I've prayed for people around the globe.

Let's celebrate 139 years of perpetual adoration!

139 years of perpetual adoration: rejoicing, ringing, reflecting and praying. 

Sister Cormarie's Six Word Mission Story

Feeding and nourishing the physical and the spiritual: Sister Cormarie in her Six Word Mission Story.

Sister Antona's Six Word Mission Story

In her own six words, Sister Antona tells of thrilling times, vast commitment and a giving God.

Sister Fran's Six Word Mission Story

Imparting education, companionship and solace in times of sorrow: Sister Fran's Six Word Mission Story.

Sister Luanne's Six Word Mission Story

In six words Sister Luanne describes religious life as perpetual, full of abundant opportunities and precious gifts.

Sister Betty's Six Word Mission Story

Beckoned and blessed in mutuality, as a teacher, Sister Betty is aligned with God in her Six Word Mission Story.

Sister Marian's Six Word Mission Story

Her spirit united, her being uplifted, Sister Marian beams with God in her Six Word Mission Story.

Sister Helen's Six Word Mission Story

In Sister Helen's Six Word Mission Story, she celebrates spiritual communion with all. 

Happy 4th of July

Today, in honor of our independence, please join us in ...

Sister Ronalda's Six Word Mission Story

Sister Ronalda, in her Six Word Mission Story, speaks to discovering hidden, collective gifts.

Sister Arlene's Six Word Mission Story

In all there is to give to God, says Sister Arlene in her Six Word Mission Story, nothing is impossible.

"Yes" to God's invitation

Witness what it means to walk the Gospel-centered journey of life as a religious sister.

Sister Mary Ann's Six Word Mission Story

In her Six Word Mission Story Sister Mary Ann celebrates her FSPA ministries of child education, elder care.

Community, prayer, gift

Community gathers, grateful for prayers, all is gift!

Sister Mary Ellen's Six Word Mission Story

Non-stop prayer, says Sister Mary Ellen in her Six Word Mission Story, enriches the FSPA and the ways they serve!

Where are we going?

Road of discernment: your gifts and talents may be precious fuel for propelling us into the future.

Sister Joanne's Six Word Mission Story

Kindness—the welcoming modeled by St. Francis of Assisi—is to be shared universally (as does Sister Joanne in her Six Word Mission Story)!

Celebrating religious life renewed, perpetually professed

Sisters Kristin and Laurie celebrate religious vows: rejoice and pray with us!

Sister Margaret's Six Word Mission Story

With familial sustenance, when the invitation arrived, Sister Margaret accepts: her Six Word Mission Story.

Honoring lives lost, praying for world peace

Praying for peace, honoring those who've died to protect it.

Sister Sarah's Six Word Mission Story

Sister Sarah's Six Word Mission Story: she's not leaving any of us behind.

Diamonds in our midst

Commitment to prayer, service polishes their priceless lives.

Sister Malinda's Six Word Mission Story

God invites Sister Malinda to the bountiful table and, in her Six Word Mission Story, she accepts. 


What are you finding within the diversion of distraction in discernment?

Sister Juanita's Six Word Mission Story

Unsettled stirring, innermost discord, adoring assent: Sister Juanita’s Six Word Mission Story.

What if it's you?

The circle of discernment: even wider when you consider that the whole Catholic church is praying for you.

Sister Clarone's Six Word Mission Story

Embodying the adoration of God to one and all: Sister Clarone's Six Word Mission Story.

Unpredictability, overwhelming beauty coexist

Discernment: soaking up spring storms and the greening world around us.

Sister Donna's Six Word Mission Story

In adoration, presence and God, says Sister Donna in her Six Word Mission Story, all are transformed.

Mantle of grief

Easter alleluias always come: God will not abandon you on your discernment journey.

Sister Rita's Six Word Mission Story

With ministerial strength, Sister Rita speaks of service to all under God in her Six Word Mission Story.

Walk with compassion

Let us travel together, with love, through Holy Week.

Sister Georgia's Six Word Mission Story

In her Six Word Mission Story Sister Georgia continues to follow the call—with jubilance—to ministry. 

A promise to build a new life upon

By choosing to distract ourselves from listening—particularly when we are called to rise to the potential already within us—we can hide from God.

Sister Nancy's Six Word Mission Story

Sister Nancy Lafferty's Six Word Mission Story? Serving more than four decades in post-secondary education ministry.

Commitment doesn't emerge overnight

Are you ready to allow God--not a stagnant statue of your own creation--to be the form you follow?

Sister Mary's Six Word Mission Story

Awe-inspired, her spirit ready and waiting, Sister Mary dives into her Six Word Mission Story of discernment.

Mary and our "Yes" to mystery

When we say "Yes" to vocation we—like Mary—must walk the road, learning as we go, trusting God is always there.

Sister Therese's Six Word Mission Story

Body language, says Sister Therese Wolf in her Six Word Mission Story, can speak silently/declare loudly the Gospel.

Grumbling through the desert of discernment

Traveling through your own Egypt experience for the cool waters of friendship, understanding and companionship in discernment.

Sister Karen's Six Word Mission Story

Sister Karen is residing in community, embodying the Gospel devotedly, in her Six Word Mission Story.

Kindness: we are all called to be Esther

On the Lenten road of kindness and spiritual growth, Esther is a model for discerners.

Sister Rosalia's Six Word Mission Story

With abundant breath and intention to pass uninhibitedly Sister Rosalia, as she does in her Six Word Mission Story, rejoices in being.

Sister Mary Myron's Six Word Mission Story

Declaring and sharing it throughout her ministry as a David School teacher: Sister Mary Myron's Six Word Mission Story

Freezing and thawing: potholes surfacing in discernment

Jesus showed us how to navigate potholes in discernment.

Sister Pauline's Six Word Mission Story

Sustenance providing, pastoral care giving, global journeying: Sister Pauline's Six Word Mission Story.

Love beyond measure

Love: it's also what discernment—and religious life—are all about.

Sister Karolyne's Six Word Mission Story

In this week's Six Word Mission Story, Sister Karolyne tells of her ministry of bountiful hospitality in a place of abundant beauty.

Sharing courage to walk in darkness and light

Does love want others to lose in order for someone to win?

Sister Eileen's Six Word Mission Story

Sister Eileen, in her Six Word Mission Story, discerns necessity and means of ministry.

World Day of Prayer for Consecrated Life

Will you be part of the next generation of consecrated life?

Sister Esther's Six Word Mission Story

With immediacy, empathy and consciousness, Sister Esther has served this Six Word Mission Story.

Service Saturday: mutuality at its core

Service and discernment: are you open to the idea that God co-creates with you the future?

Sister Amy's Six Word Mission Story

Journeying in the now to beckoning vocation: Sister Amy’s Six Word Mission Story.

Open eyes can change world views

What if your dream is the one the world needs now?

Sister Betty's Six Word Story

In six words Sister Betty shares her invitation to adoration, community, and perpetual emergence of artistry.

Transforming the power of snow

Is it snowing in your world of discernment?

Sister Romana's Six Word Story

Family, adoration, summoning, divinity, Catholicism: all aligned for Sister Romana in her Six Word Story.

Resolutions and reflection in discernment

Trust—on the days you feel like you aren't measuring up to your discernment resolutions—in the power of prayer.

Sister Rosalia's Six Word Story

Her presence was requested in a precise moment of extraordinary awe: Sister Rosalia's Six Word Story.

Sister Margaret's Six Word Story

Seeking, quarreling, wavering, adoring and replying: Sister Margaret does so in her Six Word Story.


Sister Rochelle's Six Word Story

Sister Rochelle’s Six Word Story: beckoned by identity, captured by community.

Advent light and joy: the vocation that may shine from deep inside you

The searing questions we hear on the lips of Jesus are held in tension with this sense of Advent joy.

Sister Marian's Six Word Story

With tingling soul and soothing inspiration, Sister Marian finds profound serenity in her Six Word Story.

The hope and conversion in Christmas

The clear invitation of the Advent season: amidst the work make way for hope in our hearts, hope in discernment.

Sister Jean's Six Word Story

Adoration? Sister Jean is drawn to it's magnificence, exuberance, in her Six Word Story.

Awake and ready in discernment?

Discernment: How you wait is just as important as the waiting.

Sister Rita Mae's Six Word Story

Moved by adoration Sister Rita Mae’s spirit, in her Six Word Story, resonates in response.

Sister Arlene's Six Word Story

Sought by God who exhilarates her spirit: Sister Arlene's Six Word Story.

Thankfulness, flaming rolls and the illusion of perfection

Leaving your illusions at the door: who you are and why God calls you to discern religious life.

Sister Ronalda's Six Word Story

Sister Ronalda reflects upon distressful origin, remarkable mission and unseasonable ending in her Six Word Story.

Following the light

Discernment: following the light of daily reflection

Sister Marguerite's Six Word Story

Sister Marguerite recalls--in her Six Word Story--discerning, contemplating, committing, and answering "Yes" to God.

I have no magic words

How long will this take? How will I know?

Sister Jolyce's Six Word Story

First she heard, then replied and is—forever—grateful: Sister Jolyce's Six Word Story.  

Discerning in the face of fear

God recognizes and welcomes us, costumed or not.

Sister Mary's Six Word Story

In her Six Word Story Sister Mary hears murmurs of discernment: "It's time to move."

Trying on your metaphorical lenses

Religious discernment: scrutinizing, eliminating and finding the right fit.

Sister Donna's Six Word Story

In Sister Donna's Six Word Story she recalls seeking, her youthful heart aflame, the sound of God’s invitation.

Surrendering to the task at hand

Have you invited God into the task you're putting off?

Sister Mary Ann's Six Word Story

When was she invited to discern? How does she express her experience ever since? Find out in Sister Mary Ann's Six Word Story.

Sister Antona's Six Word Story

With consciousness and confidence captured, shares Sister Antona in her Six Word Story, discerners cross the threshold.


Following Francis: the margins may be closer than you think

Searching and serving--every day--those on the periphery.

Documenting discernment

Journaling by hand or tweeting by phone: are you documenting your discernment?

Sister Therese's Six Word Story

She heard, set out and continues to quest: Sister Therese's Six Word Story of discernment.


Running from silence: when we plug in are we silencing God?

Sister Maris' Six Word Story

In her Six Word Story, Sister Maris clears her conscious, heeds her spirit.

Carrying the wounds of the cross

How is your life marked--celebrated--as a discerning follower of Jesus?

Sister Juanita's Six Word Story

Serving, living, loving: Sister Juanita's Six Word Story speaks of true Gospel devotion.

Earthquakes: when ground is no longer solid

Discerning through the dust of spiritual earthquakes: a readiness and responsiveness to what becomes unearthed.

Sister Margaret's Six Word Story

In Sister Margaret's discernment story--in six words all her own--she recalls how loved ones adored, adoration beckoned and FSPA replied.

Bridges of peace built with prayer

Are you building bridges in discernment?

Sister Eileen's Six Word Story

Pursuing testament Sister Eileen, as she shares in her Six Word Story, discerned life as a woman religious.

Praying through the storms of the heart

Are external sources determining your interior disposition in discernment?

Sister Mary's Six Word Story

Called early on, questioned as she grew, Sister Mary Bates found joyful culmination in her Six Word Story.

St. Clare of Assisi: model, mentor, friend

What if, like St. Clare, you lived your life steeped in prayer?

Sister Helen's Six Word Story

Sister Helen, in her Six Word Story, conveys true, inclusive elation.

Blisters, discipline, perseverance and joy

Olympics and religious discernment: to win not a gold medal but a relationship with God, you don't have to be a skilled athlete of prayer.

Sister Dorothy's Six Word Story

In her Six Word Story of discernment Sister Dorothy was grasped, guided into ministry.

Doorways to celebration

Crossing 800 and 138-year-old thresholds to love, acceptance and forgiveness.

Sister Fran's Six Word Story

Finally--YES--God beckoned and beamed in Sister Fran's Six Word Story.

Grilling, chilling and discernment

Are you nurturing the coals and fanning the flames of discernment?

Sister Helen's Six Word Story

The phone rings for Sister Helen in her Six Word Story. Does she accept the call ... the request ... the reward?

Peace in the midst of unrest

Discerning in a hurting world: when our faith asks us, in difficult times, to look again.

Sister Eileen's Six Word Story

Living is vast, more immense, in Sister Eileen's Six Word Story.

Jesus under wraps

Would your life be different if Jesus and your relationship and your beliefs were unwrapped?

Sister Joyce's Six Word Story

Sensing ascension in your life? In her Show Me a Sign Six Word Story Sister Joyce asks you, invites you. Yes ... you!

Stop. Look up.

Allow beauty to seep into your soul ... reflect on things bigger than ourselves.

Sister Malinda's Six Word Story

What is Sister Malinda enfolding, imparting and adoring in her Six Word Story?

Franciscan family reunions

Are you called to join a family of Franciscans working in service of the Gospel?

Sister Gertrude's Six Word Story

She arrived, witnessed and remained: Sister Gertrude's Six Word Story.

Sister Esther's Six Word Story

Invitation, abundance and grace embrace Sister Esther in her Six Word Story.

A jubilant life

The jubilee of your life: is discernment leading you to enjoy it rather than endure it?

Sister Clarone Brill's Six Word Story

Sister Clarone was beckoned from profound depth. Did she accept? Her Six Word Story tells us.

Use words when necessary

Words, vows, renewing commitment: what does your life call you to today?

Sister Lisa's Six Word Story

Sister Lisa, in her Six Words Story, reveals the powerful propellant of her discernment.

Trailblazers and touchstones along the path

Who are the trailblazers in your life? Are you willing to go where God leads?

Listening with a discerning ear

Sometimes we have to wait in a state of contemplative silence to really know what to do next ... 

Sister Nancy Lafferty's Six Word Story

Sister Nancy, in her Six Word Story, celebrates Franciscan academia of almost six decades!

The chronos and kairos of our lives

How does your calendar tell the story of chronos and kairos in your life?

Sister Karen Neuser's Six Word Story

In no more than six words Sister Karen ensues guidance. Where is she going? Find out in her Six Word Story.

Threshold moments

How are you dealing with the storms of life that can be part of discernment?

Sister Mildred's Six Word Story

What word does Sister Mildred say through ministry every day? Find out in her Show me a sign Six Word Story.

Seeing discernent from new heights

Ask yourself: are you seeing discernment from new heights? A different point of view?

Sister Kathy's Six Word Story

Sister Kathy's Show me a sign Six Word Story: from rooted beginnings, shadowed and bright, sprout nourishing presence, dazzling light.

On the road of discernment?

When I am discerning I’m not always sure where I’m going, and often times someone else is driving. That someone else may be God ...

Sister Mary Myron's Six Word Story

A six word discernment story by the Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration. 

Push, pull and go with the flow

Traveling through the waters of discernment

Let's begin with your story ... and a step

Your journey to religious life starts with your story... and a step. 

Finding mystery in the fog

Relying on the now moment to find mystery in the fog.

Sister Amy's Six Word Story

 A six word discernment story as prepared by Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration.

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