Safeguarding Policy

Policy for the Protection of Children and Other Vulnerable Persons

We are committed to maintaining integrity in all our relationships and expect each sister to develop and cultivate healthy manners of relating in her life. This is central to who we are and a gift we offer to others. We acknowledge that in ministerial and other relationships where sisters assume positions of power over those with whom they relate, there exists an unequal power dynamic that can lead to misconduct and abuse when not used with awareness and care. 

The policy and procedures, as defined in the FSPA Policy for the Protection of Children and Other Vulnerable Persons (linked below), outline the appropriate measures the congregation will take for the prevention of member misconduct and for responsible intervention whenever a member of the congregation may have engaged in any behavior that would result in harm to another person. 

The member misconduct described in the policy is delineated into two categories: sexual misconduct and other misconduct. While all misconduct is harmful to others, this division into two categories reflects the special emphasis the church has put on sexual misconduct in its midst. In May 2019, Pope Francis issued an Apostolic Letter titled Vos Etis Lux Mundi, "You are the light of the world." In this letter, the norms it spells out apply to all clerics and members of Institutes of Consecrated Life or Societies of Apostolic Life. All effort has been made to align our FSPA member misconduct policies and procedures with that of the Church.  Although not addressed in Vos Etis Lux Mundi, the effects of behaviors listed under "other misconduct" are equally harmful. FSPA is committed to promoting healthy relationships and will act to protect vulnerable persons from all kinds of misconduct.

FSPA Policy for the Protection of Children and Other Vulnerable Persons

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