Stop. Look up.

By Sister Amy Taylor, FSPA on Thursday, July 7th 2016


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We live in a fast paced world of split-second decisions and short attention spans. Our minds spill over with complex thoughts and distraction as we struggle to be fully present to tasks at hand. Even off the clock, when watching a 30-minute TV show, we often multi-task by flipping channels, getting a snack or even fast forwarding through commercials via DVR. Our precious time of relaxation mirrors the lightning speed of modern living. Rarely do we sit and just enjoy the present.

Fourth of July fireworks displays trigger an automatic pause; a natural urge to stop and look up. We automatically slow to the unhurried pace of watching spectacular colors and shapes appear in the sky; listen to a symphony of “ooh”s and “ahh”s around us. Young, old and everyone in between are suspended in time. Together we are present to the moment and to one another. Memories are made as we allow beauty to seep into our souls and move each of us to reflection of things bigger than ourselves. We can hear that profound wonder in the voices of the children as they exclaim "Wow! Look at that big one!"

When was the last time you were drawn to quiet reflection through beauty? What made you stop and take notice? What are the beautiful moments in your discernment journey?

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