Reflection 12: gaze, consider, contemplate, imitate ... discern [video]

By Sister Amy Taylor, FSPA on Monday, March 2nd 2020


"Do I have unanswered questions that God can guide me through?"

Many of us do. 

This question is Reflection 12 in Show me a sign's 14-day Discernment Meditation Series. We invite you to experience it today, tomorrow or any time in which you are discerning your future -- to gaze, consider, contemplate and imitate as Agnes of Prague did when she was transitioning from life as a princess to one of consecration and sought to deepen her relationship with Christ. It was St. Clare of Assisi who offered her those four words of encouragement.  

Reflection 13: "Who or what in my life has wisdom to share?" is available now.

Are you searching for more inspiration and guidance in the discernment of religious life? Walking with someone who is? We invite you to share this link,, and join the conversation.

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