There's more to Sister Dawn's discernment story

By Amy Taylor, Franciscan Sister of Perpetual Adoration on Tuesday, March 12th 2019


The gifts of "goodness ... wisdom" guiding her call to leadership

Sister Dawn Kutt is living her "call to leadership"
as an 
 FSPA Leadership Team mission councilor.

The third video in Show me a sign's discernment series — "How will religious life affect my relationships?" — is now available and giving us the opportunity to "Meet Sister Dawn." 

Sister Dawn Kutt's ministry in religious life as a Franciscan Sister of Perpetual Adoration has encompassed health care and now, after a new kind of discernment, includes leadership as a mission councilor for the community. And just as her discernment of religious life was supported by family, friends and FSPA, so too was her contemplation of the call to leadership. Show me a sign asked Sister Dawn about the gifts she's received — the "goodness" and "wisdom" that continue to give her guidance today.


Sister Dawn serves many, young and old, in her ministry of health care.

Show me a sign: How do you rely on friends and family for support as you encounter the joys and challenges of new ministry in community leadership?

Sister Dawn: My family and friends have always been very supportive of my decision to enter religious life, and throughout the discernment process that led me to leadership for my community I looked to them to share with me the gifts they thought I could give FSPA as a mission councilor. 

And as I begin my new ministry of community leadership, family and friends give me that balance between work and play. They also love to hear of the goodness I receive through the various community celebrations and milestones, and what it is that I find life-giving in this elected position. Of course, just as there are joys there are challenges to which I only ask them to pray for me, to pray for the wisdom and grace to do my best for the good of the whole.

Show me a sign: How is your FSPA community supporting you as you begin new ministry in leadership?

Sister Dawn: The FSPA community has been very supportive during this time of transition and change. I rely on the sisters to give us, the leadership team, honest conversation and feedback as we continue to build our future together. Having a leader in every chair allows us to tap into their wisdom and knowledge to which affirms that we all walk together to make a difference in the world.

In case you missed it — or the discernment story is calling to you again —  here is the video "How will religious life affect my relationships? Meet Sister Dawn."

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Are you discerning religious life? Walking with someone who is? We invite you to share this link,, and join the conversation. And, stay tuned to Show me a sign for new videos in the FSPA discernment series!

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