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Jubilee Celebrations


Congratulations to all Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration and affiliates celebrating jubilee in 2018!

Class of 1948 ~ Celebrating 70 years as Catholic sisters

Sister Gertrude Daugherty 

Sister Gertrude Daugherty

I thank God for the opportunity to serve as an FSPA. Our community has been blessed with wonderful leadership and many saintly sisters. When looking back, I feel blessed to work in this great community.


Sister Margaret Ann Mason

Sister Margaret Ann Mason

I am deeply grateful to all those who have touched my life as a Franciscan Sister during 70 years of religious life in my 90 years of living.


Sister Loretta Penchi

Sister Loretta Penchi

I am most grateful to God for calling me to religious life in my community. My service to the Lord through the people and my community has been a great blessing to me and, hopefully, also for those I’ve ministered to through these many years.


Sister Margaret Schmolke

Sister Margaret Schmolke

In reflecting on my past 70 years, I rejoice at how they were filled with amazing grace. I’m deeply grateful to God, my family, the FSPA community and friends for the support, inspiration and tremendous love. I am grateful for the Eucharistic charism and perpetual adoration that have energized and guided me in my years of teaching and ministering to the sick and elderly. In the spirit of Francis and Clare, may God continue to bless this community.


Sister Lucille Winnike

Sister Lucille Winnike

As I reflect on my 70 years as a professed FSPA, I do so with an overwhelming sense of gratitude, joy and tremendous thanks to God, our FSPA community, family and friends. Happily I say to all of you whose life I have been privileged to share ... “profound thanks.”


Sister Phyllis Ann Hackman

Over the past 70 years my ministry has taken me from Iowa to Wisconsin, Idaho, Washington, Minnesota, South Dakota, Illinois and Guam. I’ve worked in home economics, dietetics and pastoral care, and I have loved every minute. I am grateful for the support of my community and my family over these years and I thank God who has been so good to me. *Sister Phyllis Ann shared this reflection as a 2018 jubilarian prior to her passing in May.


Class of 1958 ~ Celebrating 60 years as Catholic sisters

Sister Jolynn Brehm

​​​​​​​Sister Jolynn Brehm

It is truly a privilege to celebrate 60 years as a member of the FSPA community. With deep gratitude, I embrace the opportunities I have to continue the commitment of responding to the needs of our times, to choose current ways to witness and focus on prayerful presence.


Sister Helen Elsbernd

Sister Helen Elsbernd

​​​​​​​Deep gratitude fills my heart at this jubilee time. I thank God for the call to be an FSPA. It has opened doors to incredible blessings, opportunities and experiences. I am grateful for all the love and support of my FSPA community and my family that enabled me to live life fully while being of service to others.


Sister Maryam Gossling

​​​​​​​Sister Maryam Gossling

I have love and gratitude to God for 60 wonderful years as a Franciscan Sister of Perpetual Adoration. Thank you to all of my FSPA community, family, friends and co-workers who have inspired me and who have been such an important part of my journey. I have been truly blessed.


Sister Jean Kasparbauer

​​​​​​​Sister Jean Kasparbauer

The years of ministry and life as a sister have been a blessing. Grace and joy have far exceeded the expectations of my youth. The many treasured relationships in the places I’ve been are a joyous memory. Gratitude for the younger generation’s vision and dedication to creating a better world fills my days with hope. Thank you to all who have crossed my path in life.


Sister Nancy Lafferty

​​​​​​​Sister Nancy Lafferty

I am grateful to everyone with whom I have worked over the past 60 years. I have enjoyed the companionship of my FSPA community and am proud to be an FSPA. I know that God continues to bless and guide us in our lives of hope-filled service.


Sister Marla Lang

Sister Marla Lang

My 60th jubilee has become a significant opportunity to ponder over my FSPA journey. I am more than amazed at the many blessings during this fast passage of 60 years! But, as an FSPA, I am even more amazed by this community, bound together as sisters, affiliates, prayer partners, our families and co-ministers in various relationships. Together, we have been helping one another experience the goodness of God and making experiences of God real for countless people. I am deeply grateful for the ways that we have been called to be all that we can be for the many that we serve in a spirit of mutuality.


Sister Marian Massman

​​​​​​​Sister Marian Massman

My heart sings jubilee thanks to God for countless blessings these 60 years. I cherish the love and goodness of my FSPA community, family, friends and all who have been part of my journey. I am grateful for all the experiences in my life and for all who have inspired, enriched and supported me through the years.


Sister Joanne Moeller

Sister Joanne Moeller

I have so enjoyed my 60 years as a vowed FSPA. Oh, the places I’ve been and the ministries I have experienced have totally enriched my life. I never dreamed what God had in store for me and I am so grateful for the experiences and the happiness that has come to me as an FSPA. I am grateful for my teaching years at the elementary, high school and college levels and the years I spent in two retreat centers, topped off with my ministry as an event coordinator, working with couples in planning their wedding day. Thank you God. I am proud to be an FSPA.


Sister Cormarie Wernimont​​​​​​​

Sister Cormarie Wernimont

I am grateful for God’s faithfulness to me over all these years, in the joys as well as the challenges. May God bless us as we continue our journey in his service.


Class of 1968 ~ Celebrating 50 years as a Catholic sister

Sister Sandra DeMann


It is in reflecting on the great wonder of the mystery of my life that I celebrate my 50th jubilee. I am thankful for this journey and for the community which was part of the first years of my religious life and for having continued this journey in the FSPA community. I am thankful for everything and everyone that contributed to where and how I find myself today. And so it is with immense joy and gratitude that I have the privilege of celebrating my 50th jubilee with my Franciscan Sisters and affiliates.


Congratulations to all FSPA affiliates celebrating 25 years of affiliation in 2018!

Affiliate Gordon Davis

Affiliate Kathy Engelken

​​​​​​​Kathy Engelken​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​My life and ministry included years of teaching English to junior high and high school students as a Franciscan Sister and serving as a youth minister at parishes in Iowa. In 1985, with my degree in pastoral ministry, I turned to campus ministry in Illinois. I ministered with and involved young people in ways to be in service to their campus, parishes, communities and the greater world. In retirement, I continue to be an instrument of peace, love and service, attentive and available for use by our God!


Affiliate Wendie Libert

Affiliate John Hempstead

Affiliate Marge Melton



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