Jubilee Celebrations

Congratulations to all Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration celebrating jubilee in 2023!

Class of 1948: 75 years as Catholic sisters

Sister Loretta Penchi +
I am very grateful for the many years I was able to use the gifts God gave me to serve others through my ministry of music. I especially enjoyed teaching music to children and sharing the beauty expressed in many hymns through my playing organ at mass. The rhythm of my ministry has always been centered around music and has enriched my life and the lives of others in countless ways. I feel blessed to be an FSPA and am grateful for all of the support and encouragement I have received from the community throughout the years.

Sister Lucille Winnike
I am very grateful for my life in FSPA. My ministry life has been rich and full, and my community life is what I dreamed of. I especially appreciate my friends and family for their ongoing support. Gratitude is my predominant feeling on this occasion of my 75th jubilee; gratitude to God, my family, our FSPA community and each sister in it. Thank you all. Shall we go for another 25 years? “100th jubilee" has a lovely ring to it, doesn’t it?

Class of 1953: 70 years as Catholic sisters

Sister Florence Griesmer
As a Franciscan Sister of Perpetual Adoration, my life has been consecrated to God who calls me to live the Gospel in our times by integrating prayer, community and ministry. At this time of jubilee, I am deeply grateful for the blessings of perpetual adoration that have sustained me throughout my life and for family and friends who supported me in my vocation.

Sister Bernadette Nehl
A vocation to religious life is a gift. Today we celebrate having received this gift. During these 70 years we are grateful to God, to our Franciscan Community and to our families for their love and support. Over the years we’ve had many opportunities. May the Spirit direct us in the future.

Sister Mildred Tigges
As I reflect on my 70 years as a Franciscan Sister of Perpetual Adoration, I am most grateful to my God. Many loving companions, great leadership and educational and spiritual opportunities have enabled me to zealously live a life of loving service. Adoration of our Lord in the Eucharist has always been my source of energy, whether in the classroom or in a foreign country. May I always be a grateful, Eucharistic FSPA.

Sister Mary Simeon Werner +
Hearts filled with gratitude, we gather to celebrate another jubilee. It is now 70 years of faithfulness, love and service that brings us together to rejoice and praise the lord. It is the “being” more than the “doing” that becomes our focus in our golden years. May God bless our FSPA community for all its goodness and support these many years.

Sister Laverne Wilichowski
To family, friends and FSPA, my faithful companions, who have undertaken expected and unexpected journeys with me, I offer my thanks. The stairs of opportunity I climbed, especially as provided by FSPA, have been plentiful. My lifetime ministry has been devoted to the education of grade school students, serving as a teacher and principle. Library work and parish ministry were part of my retirement years. I am grateful for the countless blessings received through the community. I treasure the gift that each sister is, shared and enjoyed as loving presence.

Class of 1963: 60 years as Catholic sisters

Sister Helen Deppe
I wish to thank God for the call to be a servant for 60 years in his vineyard as an FSPA. I have received many blessings in the ministries I have served in, and I am grateful for the support I have received from my community, friends and family.

Sister Ronalda Hophan
At this time of my life, I am grateful that my wish to become an FSPA was fulfilled. God called me in my childhood and guided me to many satisfying opportunities and experiences throughout my active life. My family and members in the community gave me support and love that supported me in my work with and for others. Again I am deeply grateful.

Sister Karen Kappell
The years I have spent as a Franciscan Sister, both with the Franciscan Sisters of Holy Family and the Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration, have been filled with many blessings. The opportunity for service to others and personal growth have greatly enriched my life. As we continue in many creative ways to share with others the gifts we have been given, I feel a close connection with members and partners in living a life full of meaning and purpose.

Sister Patricia Shepler
It is with joy and thanksgiving that I celebrate 60 years as a Franciscan Sister of Perpetual Adoration. It is with a grateful heart to all who have been a part of my life with FSPA for 60 years, offering support, encouragement and companionship. May God continue to bless us and guide us in the years to come.

Class of 1973: 50 years as Catholic sisters

Sister Carolyn Heil
Gratefully I live each day with the joy, support and strength of knowing that all I experience is graced by daily responding to God’s call as an FSPA. Thank you my dear sisters, family and friends. We journey together through the challenges and missteps that become opportunities to learn and awaken to the awareness that we are all sisters and brothers radiating God’s Divine Love and Light.

Sister Karen Lueck
I am deeply grateful to God, the Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration, my family and friends, and to the people I have been privileged to serve in the last 50 years. Your love and support have encouraged me to recognize God’s goodness and grace in myself and to celebrate it everywhere and in all whom I meet.

Sister Kathy Stuttgen
Thanks to my FSPA community, friends and coworkers for your love and support over the past 50 years. My motto for ministry is “be where you need to be when you need to be there.” I never ministered on a schedule. Special thanks to those who allowed me to companion with you through your vulnerable time in life, aging, illness and death. It has been my privilege and honor to be there with you on that journey. Blessings.

Sister Julie Tydrich
I could not be more grateful for the past 50 years of vowed life given the countless blessings visited upon my life through so many people in so many ways. I appreciate every person I met throughout this adventure. The friendships developed and the family relationships continued are priceless as is this FSPA community’s web of friends, partners and staff. It is indeed a blessing from God in service, ministry and in life to have enjoyed each of you.

Class of 1998: 25 years as Catholic sisters

Sister Sue Ernster
Words are inadequate to describe my feelings at this time of jubilee. I am grateful to be an FSPA, who calls me to be my best self, while offering my gifts for the common good, mission and vision of FSPA. I am grateful for the love, support and companionship of my FSPA community, family and friends who, while in service to others, have enabled me to serve and live into the person God created me to be.

Sister Roselyn Heil
Standing in awe and gratitude, I reflect how God is continually journeying with me, inviting me to remain single-focused in radiating Divine healing presence through my life. FSPA community, family and friends have been the foundational roots to reach across the country in which I have been privileged to minister. Thank you.

Sister Linda Mershon
I am very thankful for my life as an FSPA. I sincerely thank my friends and family for their support along the journey.

Congratulations to all FSPA affiliates celebrating 25 years of affiliation in 2023!

Affiliate Laura Barnett, Affiliate Corrine Bauer, Affiliate Deborah Clements, Affiliate Mickey Collins +, Affiliate Chet Corey, Affiliate Joyce Heil, Affiliate Karen Hellman, Affiliate Carolyn Klein, Affiliate Mary Ann McDonald, Affiliate Joan Meeder, Affiliate Carol Meirick, Affiliate Marjorie Schultes, Affiliate Pamela Small, Affiliate Lueretha Tillman, Affiliate Lily Watson

+ In loving memory

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