Sister Georgia: A morning offering

By Sister Georgia Christensen, FSPA on Tuesday, September 5th 2017



O my God, I offer you this morning cup of coffee.
As the steam rises upward,
So let all my thoughts, words and actions
Rise in praise of you today.
May the warmth of the cup, 
Transferred to my hands, be a reminder
Of the warmth and love I am to extend to all who I
meet today.
As I drink from the cup,
Let it be a sign of my willingness to share in the
“cup of salvation”
And offer my life to the Father as you did.
When I partake of the coffee
And feel it going through my body,
May it remind me of your constant love,
Ever filling me and giving me life.
Please bless me, my God, and make me good today.

Franciscan Way is a series featuring original prayer by Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration.

Editor's note: as published in the "Viterbo University Book of Prayers"

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Sister Clarone Says:
09/05/2017 6:13pm
I like this prayer!

Zoran Says:
02/16/2018 8:00pm
Very nice and excited fir me ..⚘ .God bless you Sister

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