Sister Amy's Six Word Story

By Sister Amy Taylor, FSPA on Monday, April 11th 2016


Six Word Story by Sister Amy Taylor

What's your six word discernment story?

Comment below. 

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Sarah Hennessey Says:
04/12/2016 9:53pm
Freely chosen, Truly called, Loving Christ

John Klas Says:
04/16/2016 2:08pm
So-So-So TRUE! I thought Brothers and Sisters of Charity was my calling at age 70; but then, God and St. Francis pooled their Plan for me, and, together, after I was "taken with" the Compelling Franciscan Charism THAT"S what got me to say "YES" to Third Order Secular; After release from Temporary Vows it will take me three more years, but- it's like a rocket to the moon; first stage deployed to "my mountain" and second stage beginning! John Klas

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