Pray as you pray

By Sister Clarone Brill, FSPA on Thursday, January 18th 2018

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I first learned to pray at home and was taught that prayer is important. Then, prayer was often spoken aloud. After entering FSPA, I experienced many prayers said collectively; sometimes spoken aloud together and others among gatherings of us yet prayed, in silence, individually. Early on in a retreat our director advised “Pray as you can pray and don’t pray as you cannot.” At that time, I relied on our meditation book for guidance. I also used prayer books. 

Now, in my ninth decade of life, prayer for me is much simpler. Often, I just relax mindfully in God’s presence and enjoy God with me and loving me. 

Of course, it is reciprocal.

Franciscan Way is a series featuring prayerful reflection by Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration.

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Barb Says:
02/01/2018 6:00am
Thank you for sharing your journey. Our church is using Oremus for this Years Lent. Growing up with rote prayer- I am learning I can just talk with God- just sit in his presence and yes use my rote prayers and rosary. Have a great weekend. Stay Warm

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