Trailblazers and touchstones along the path

By Sister Amy Taylor, FSPA on Thursday, June 2nd 2016

Photo credit: Sister Amy Taylor, FSPA

This is the time of year when many of us will journey to new places. Via air travel we can wake up in one country and be in another by lunchtime. GPS is another tool to tell us exactly where we are going, the approximate time we will arrive, and any wrong turns we take along the way. I was reflecting on this as we recently celebrated Founder’s Day. One hundred and sixty-seven years ago FSPA’s foundresses traveled over the sea and eventually by wagon from Ettenbeuren, Bavaria, to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and finally to La Crosse, Wisconsin. They left the familiar roads of their lives to blaze new trails. I imagine the first few miles were filled with memories of the places they were leaving behind as well as excitement of what they would encounter in the miles ahead. Their courage and willingness to create their own track has led more than a thousand women to join FSPA. Their determination to be women devoted to prayer and to serve those in need stands steadfast through time as touchstones for every woman who crosses the threshold of religious life. They are women who continually live on, move forward, in our memories and in our stories. Their pioneering spirit guides our congregation as we continue to make pathways for generations of followers in the years to come.

Who are the trailblazers in your life?  Can you find touchstones to guide you? Are you willing to go where God leads, even if you don’t know exactly how long or how far the journey will be?

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