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We are excited to share affiliation with you and hope you are inspired by what you find here!

Our mission is to become spiritual collaborators joined in sacred relationship, supporting one another to live the Gospel and transform our world. 

We become spiritual collaborators when we nourish our spirit and share that through our actions and the way we exist. Our sacred relationships are with affiliates, sisters, our communities and even our Mother Earth. To live the Gospel is to love one another as Jesus has loved us (John 13:34). Affiliates transform our world by their volunteer efforts, relationships and prayers.

Each day we are sent into God’s world to care for our brothers and sisters; affiliates do this naturally with a Franciscan heart.
What does this mission mean to you?  How do you connect with this mission?  What speaks to you in this simple phrase?

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About us

What does it mean to be an affiliate? 
Affiliates seek to grow in spirituality and community. Each affiliate is matched with a companion who journeys with him or her for one to three years during the formation process, connecting monthly or every few weeks.The formation process involves reading a guidebook specific to Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration as well as "Discovering the Franciscan Intellectual Tradition: A Live-Giving Vision," a book by John V. Kruse. Once approved by the FSPA Leadership Team, new affiliates participate in an initial commitment ceremony and are formally welcomed in the FSPA affiliate community. Affiliates are invited to be part of a companion community, a group of five to eight sisters and affiliates who gather monthly for faith-sharing. In addition, affiliates may gather throughout the year during workshops, retreats, regional events, and other FSPA/affiliate gatherings.

  • Map detailing locations of Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration and affiliates
  • Do affiliates have to live in La Crosse, Wisconsin? 
    No, we happily welcome affiliates from all parts of the United States, as well as in Canada and Mexico. Part of being Franciscan is taking our beliefs into our daily lives.The world is our neighborhood. Stay where you are, and spread Franciscan joy and peace. There is a virtual companion community for those living in areas with few affiliates. You can share the Franciscan spirit and connect with other affiliates no matter where you live.

    Refer to the map to see where we are!

Are there any financial or legal obligations as affiliates?  
No, there are no financial or legal obligations for affiliates nor the FSPA congregation. However, you may choose to offer monetary support for the FSPA mission by becoming a Faithful Friend.  

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