Sister Celesta: "What more could I ask?"

By Sister Amy Taylor, FSPA on Thursday, May 16th 2019


“The tradition I chose … responded to the longing I recognized in myself early on.”


The FSPA community celebrates Sister Celesta's diamond jubilee at St. Rose Convent.

“I had this longing connected to my beliefs but I needed time to discover what that meant,” shares Celesta Day, who for 60 years has served as a Franciscan Sister of Perpetual Adoration — vowed Franciscan women engaged in furthering the work of the Gospel and the Catholic church.

In celebration of Sister Celesta’s diamond jubilee, Show me a sign asked her to reflect upon discernment of religious life — her personal journey that began before she answered “yes” to God and continues as she lives the Gospel through contemplation and action today.       

Show me a sign:
How did you know that you wanted to be a sister?

Sister Celesta:
It took awhile for me to decide on my vocation. I gave myself a deadline: by the time I finished school. I worked with sisters and observed how they served willingly, took opportunity to reflect and deepen their faith convictions. That seemed to appeal significantly to me, so I chose to enter the convent and began the journey to become an FSPA.

Show me a sign:
How did your family and friends react when you first told them of your desire to live religious life?

Sister Celesta:
Unbelievably! My faith-filled parents were mostly thrilled, knowing that if I chose the convent that dreams of future grandchildren and family growth would change forever. My friends were incredulous. For them, work, fun, dating and planning for the future didn’t relate the life of a “sister.” I recognized that my decision influenced more than my private self.

Show me a sign:
As you reflect on your jubilee, what facets of serving as an FSPA first come to mind?

Sister Celesta:
The yearning in me has been affirmed and largely supported by my religious life. This lifestyle requires me to take time to reflect, learn, observe and hopefully contribute to the life around me.

It’s likely that my family has expanded far beyond what would have existed, and I chose a different lifestyle. My birth family is at peace with that.

Opportunities in my ministry have exposed me to a wide world of cultures, traditions and customs that expanded my perceptions. The most exciting realization is that I am not finished! My experience and hopefully my transformation will continue until this life ends. What more could I ask?

Show me a sign:
What has been your favorite ministry, and why?

Sister Celesta:
I really enjoyed being a nurse, yet as my ministry has evolved I’ve learned that there is joy in serving many different needs.

Show me a sign:
What advice would you give women discerning religious life today?

Sister Celesta:
Sociologists say “Go with your burn.” The army says,” Be all you can be.” Christ says “Come follow me!” So don’t just go for it, but look for paths that have credible directions attached. The tradition I selected has, for more than 4,000 years, responded to the longing I recognized in myself early on. It has been a great ride. 

May God bless and direct you as you make your life decisions. I’ll pray for you.

Are you discerning religious life? Walking with someone who is? We invite you to share this link,, and join the conversation. And, stay tuned to Show me a sign for new videos in the FSPA discernment series! 

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