Seeding a Legacy of Healing

Seeding a Legacy of Healing

Seeding a Legacy of Healing's goal is to invest, or seed, the funds received when FSPA transferred its partnership with Mayo Clinic into collaboration—into making something good happen. All sisters are eligible to present a Seeding a Legacy of Healing proposal to an internal committee for consideration. When the sisters submitted proposals in 2020, the following criteria was set:

- Four or more sisters determine a project for funding.
- The Franciscan value of "relationship" must be operative.
- Address broad global/national or local concerns.
- Recipient must be a non-profit organization.

To date, Seeding a Legacy of Healing has established relationships with 23 organizations, whose stories we'll tell throughout 2021. The impact is greater than $6 milllion over the next three years.

Seeding a Legacy of Healing News

La Crosse Tribune - July 28
"'What I hear from a lot of my friends who are parents is that consistency is important,' said Thomas, executive director of The Good Fight Community Center in La Crosse. The Good Fight is getting help on that front. The Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration Wednesday announced a grant of nearly $100,000 to help the center bolster the consistency of its youth development team. The grant will fund three part-time youth development coordinators for the next three years." Read "Franciscan Sisters help La Crosse youth center fund consistent staff."

WIZM News, WXOW News 19 and WKBT News Channel 8 also shared the story. Click the following links to learn more:
WIZM News: "Good Fight club has nuns in its corner"
WXOW News 19: "Franciscan Sisters award The Good Fight with a $100,000 grant"
WKBT News Channel 8: "Franciscan Sisters contribute to La Crosse's The Good Fight"

NETWORK, advocates for justice, inspired by Catholic Sisters - June 2021
"I’m excited to share with you a brief video sharing some of the highlights of our work made possible by FSPA’s grant support, featuring our four new staff members who started this year." - Maggie Brevig, NETWORK

Perspectives Magazine - Spring 2021
"When we were awarded the funding, I felt joy, relief and gratefulness all at once, crying at least a week straight. This grant would support youth and families we serve, as well as the racial-equity arm of our foundation. The grant and every step leading to it are wonderful representations of God’s divine faithfulness and the intercession of our ancestor, Sister Thea Bowman." Read "Sister Thea inspires FSPA relationships and legacies of healing."

Perspectives Magazine - Spring 2021
"FSPA understands ending modern-day slavery will require a multi-pronged approach, including educating, reporting and advocacy along with healing its victims. That’s why the congregation was quick to approve Seeding A Legacy of Healing grants for the organizations. The support will seed an endowment for sustainability and expand transitional housing for Dawn’s Place, adding two bedrooms to its transitional housing unit, and help cover Bakhita Mountain Home operational costs." Read "Seeding a Legacy of Healing: helping exploited women build healing relationships."

Newsmakers - May 28, 2021
Sister Julie Tydrich, past board member and finance chair of the Family & Children’s Center in La Crosse, appeared on the May 28 episode of Newsmakers, a weekly news talk show of the Wisconsin Public Radio. During this interview, Sister Julie discussed FSPA’s gift and why the congregation believes so strongly in supporting the operating costs of this local organization. Listen to the May 28 episode of Newsmakers.

La Crosse Tribune - May 11, 2021
"The Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration has granted the Family and Children’s Center $1.1 million for its operations and programming aimed at helping area youth and families experiencing abuse, addiction, mental health issues or homelessness. FSPA, through its Seeding a Legacy Healing Mission, is donating a total of $6 million to 23 organizations locally, nationally and internationally over the next three years, with the Family and Children’s Center (FCC) receiving its money in installments over 36 months." Read "Franciscan Sisters grant $1.1 million to Family and Children's Center."

WKBT News Channel 8 and WXOW News 19 also shared the story. Click the following links to learn more:
WKBT News Channel 8: "FSPA gives $1.1M grant to La Crosse's Family & Children's Center"
WXOW News 19: "Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration announce a major grant to Family & Children's Center."

The Daily Herald - April 30, 2021
"CADA is a private, nonprofit organization, a Community Action Agency, whose mission is to assist low-income citizens achieve self-sufficiency and a better quality of life. A recently donated $25,000 grant from the Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration, based in Wisconsin, is helping CADA address those issues. CADA is using the funds to create Project Choices, a program that works with participants to create individual plans to become self-sufficient — wherever the participant is in northeastern North Carolina and in life." Read "Doing it for their hearts, doing it from God."

School District of La Crosse - April 26, 2021
"Northside Elementary/Coulee Montessori students, the Logan Northside Neighborhood Association, and the Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration joined forces to seed a legacy of learning and share the benefits of healthy living with the creation of a new school garden. These relationships and this garden began to develop when the reality of food insecurity was identified in La Crosse's northside neighborhoods." Read "New student-run community garden at Northside/Coulee Montessori."

WKBT News Channel 8 has also shared two stories about the grant that track the evolution of the garden:
"New community garden installed at Northside Elementary in La Crosse," which aired on Earth Day 2021; and
"New garden at Northside Elementary in La Crosse to help grow learning opportunities," which aired on May 19.

St. Anthony Spirituality Center - March 11, 2021
"Late last year, the Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration in La Crosse gave St. Anthony's a 'Seeding a Legacy of Healing' grant. Their community's generosity funded technology upgrades needed for virtual programming and will support our program development for years to come. The grant will allow us to carry on their legacy of healing and hope along with our mission of providing opportunities for deeper connection with God, Self, Others, and Creation." Read "An Ocean of Generosity."

People Incorporated - March 3, 2021
"In 2020, the Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration joined us in this effort by providing a transformational gift that will allow People Incorporated to expand this important work. This gift will support the growth of our Service to Community programming, so essential to community health and wellness, while also supporting training efforts in the areas of cultural understanding and awareness, and the development of career pathways in the mental health field for individuals of diverse backgrounds desiring such." Read "Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration Help People Incorporated Look to the Future."

The Mississippi Link - February 18, 2021
"In November 2018 on their way to the Diocese of Jackson, Mississippi, for the opening of Sister Thea Bowman's cause for canonization, Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration Marla Lang, Helen Elsbernd and Eileen McKenzie had a chance encounter with Karla McCullough, the executive director for Juanita Sims Doty Foundation (JSDF). That chance encounter at the airport led to the beginning of a relationship that today has resulted in a $600,000 FSPA investment in JSDF's mission to disrupt the dehumanization cycle and empower black youth." Read "Spirit of Sister Thea Bowman connects Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration and Juanita Sims Doty Foundation" (page 4).

Seeding a Legacy of Healing FAQs

Q. How long is Seeding a Legacy of Healing initiative?
A. FSPA will repeat the Seeding a Legacy of Healing process in 2021, again inviting all sisters to consider their relationships with non-profit organizations and how a Seeding a Legacy of Healing partnership could address a global, national or local concern.

Q. How can my non-profit apply for a Seeding a Legacy of Healing investment?
A. Seeding a Legacy of Healing is not a traditional grant program. It is an internal initiative that allows sisters the chance to build upon existing ministry partnerships they have with non-profit organizations.

Q. Is this FSPA's first effort toward becoming a foundation?
A. FSPA is not a foundation. We have a long-standing tradition of wisely stewarding our resources and investing our means as allowed, time, talent and financial resources, back into global, national and local concerns. The FSPA Ministry Grant program started in 1993 and since then has invited both sisters and our affiliates to make investments into partnering organizations. The Ministry Grant program continues alongside Seeding a Legacy of Healing.

Q. FSPA says Seeding a Legacy of Healing addresses broad global/national or local concerns: is this mostly La Crosse based?
A. The seeds are planted in places that sisters have been ministering. Seeds are planted in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Washington, D.C., Mississippi, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Georgia, North Carolina, Washington, Arizona, Illinois, Africa and Canada.


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