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latest news:

Double Acts of Compassion: FSPA's Heartfelt Baby Drive and 800th Nativity Anniversary

The heartwarming efforts of the Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration (FSPA) have been recognized on WXOW News 19 this month...

New residence hall named after Sister Thea Bowman

“Whatever gift you have, whatever thing you can give of yourself, that’s what you do for God. And Thea did that all of her life,”...

Radiance in Stitches: Sister Joanne’s Journey’s of Faith and Artistry

  Sister Joanne, a former home economics major, has turned her passion for quilting into a remarkable artistic journey. Since her...

From St. Francis to modern homes: the 800-year legacy of the crèche

By Annette Mikat This year, when festive lights twinkle in homes worldwide, we will find ourselves at a significant milestone. It...

Black Catholic History Month: Thea Bowman

Servant of God Sister Thea Bowman (1937-90) was a teacher, a singer, a dancer and a lecturer who spread the Good News to all...

Upholding mission, impact investing for climate justice

“We no longer have the numbers to be able to do the types of ministry that we were involved in before,” says Franciscan Sister of...

Advent Retreat for Spiritual Explorers (online, free)

Live the questions, together. Settle in with the Earth, find your ground, and sit at the feet of some of the top contemplative teachers of our time, including Sister Julia Walsh.

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