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latest news:

Celebrating artistry: Sister Antona Schedlo - Artist of the month

In tribute to 175 years of prayer, witness and service , FSPA proudly presents Sister Antona Schedlo as Artist of the Month....

Partners collaborate to host Immigration Summit

An upcoming Coulee Region Immigration Summit will spotlight the ways that people who migrate enrich our community. Franciscan...

FSPA welcomes friends to Founders' Day celebration

“One hundred and seventy-five years of faith represented in your unshakable belief that Jesus is Lord; 175 years FSPA has turned...

Hackner’s legacy in wood and stone

Francis painting by FSPA Marietta Hackner In honor of the Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration celebrating 175 years this...

Poetry celebration: Sister Louise Marie Guralski honored as Poet of the Month

In a tribute to 175 years of prayer, witness and service, FSPA proudly presents Sister Louise Marie Guralski as this Poet of the...

Empowering through Hygiene: The Puerto Rico Project’s Shower Connect

In 2015 Melissa Hernandez founded the Puerto Rico Project, a nonprofit organization that sparked a ray of hope within the...

Poetry Cafe (Zoom)

Join Sister Sarah Hennessey over Zoom for a poetry gathering!

Honoring Perpetual Adoration

Celebrating 146 Years of Perpetual Adoration

Meditation for Emotional Health (Zoom)

Join Sister Sarah Hennessey over Zoom for monthly meditation gathering.  Join in for a guided meditation, breathing exercises and discussions every first Thursday via Zoom. 

Companions on the Journey (in-person)

Join Sister Sarah Hennessey and Vicky Lopez-Kaley at FSC this fall for a transformative group spiritual journey.

The Gift of the Stigmata

The Franciscan centenary is a journey ensuring that the entire Franciscan Family throughout the world celebrates together the 800th anniversary of Saint Francis' Easter and the culminating events of...

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