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    FSPA and its partners offer various volunteer opportunities throughout the year — from assisting in the garden on St. Joseph Ridge to supporting the sponsored spirituality centers in Wisconsin and Iowa. All are welcome!
  • Wanderings and Wonderings

    Sister Meg Earsley spent much of 2022 on mission in Bolivia serving with the Tertiary Sisters of Saint Francis in Santa Cruz. Read about her life-changing experiences on her blog, Wanderings and Wonderings.
  • Messy Jesus Business

    Adding her voice — her personal reflections — to the reality of Gospel living, Sister Julia contemplates the gospel and invites her readers to “challenge the ways of the world.” Visit Messy Jesus Business and be sure to subscribe so you never miss a post.
  • Perspectives Update E-Newsletter

    Perspectives Update, published monthly by our Mission Advancement Office, shares ministry news. Visit our archive page to read past issues.
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    Join Us, published monthly by our Discernment Office, shares discernment resources. Visit our archive page to read past issues.
  • Perspectives Magazine    
  • Perspectives tells the stories of how, together with our affiliates and the goodness of ministry grants, FSPA is nurturing relationships, building global awareness, acting for justice and peace, caring for the environment and creating unity in diversity through the commitment to Gospel living. 
  • Presence Newsletter
  • Presence tells the stories of FSPA, affiliates and prayer partners who are living out A Revolution of Goodness. Together, they collaborate to minister in areas of greatest need, living the Gospel through contemplation and action.

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