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I love living in community because...

What is the FSPA mission? And how do we live in community--and what do we love about it? Our mission as Catholic sisters, as vowed Franciscan women... read more »

Sister Meg: 'What matters to me'

Sister Meg is in mission formation with Franciscan Mission Service as she prepares for a year of mission in Bolivia with the Tertiary Sisters of St.... read more »

Educating ourselves and our children about critical race theory

“The education most needed to address racism in our society extends well beyond our schools. It begins with each of us asking ‘why.’ It begins with... read more »

New film shares origins of Mayo Clinic Health System - Franciscan Healthcare

In the late 19th century, the river town of La Crosse, Wisconsin, became a center of medical excellence, home to St. Francis Hospital, founded by the... read more »

Eco in Action Lunch & Learn: Collective Action and U.N. Climate Summit

Join FSPA for the tenth Lunch & Learn in the Eco in Action series: “What Catholics should know about the COP26 U.N. climate conference,” presented by... read more »

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Waking Up White: Diversity & Inclusion panel (online)

Join "Diversity and Inclusion in Theatre Panel," featuring Aaron Young, Melissa Maxwell, Eileen Moeller and Jaclyn Johnson. This is a free, online event that is open to all.

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