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Based in La Crosse, Wisconsin, Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration is a community of vowed Franciscan women engaged in furthering the work of the Gospel and the Catholic church. FSPA partners in mission on staff, affiliates and prayer partners, join the sisters in service of God's mission. Together, they collaborate in areas of greatest need, living the Gospel through contemplation and action.

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We've created a folder that includes our logo, with usage guidelines, and images of St. Rose Convent and Mary of the Angels Chapel.

Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration was founded in 1849 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, as Sisters of St. Francis. The congregation moved to Jefferson, Wisconsin, in 1864, and finally to La Crosse, Wisconsin, in 1871, shortly after the Diocese of La Crosse was formed.  Visit our history page to tour our journey since 1849.

We are a community of vowed Franciscan women centered in Eucharist, committed to be loving presence through prayer, witness and service.

St. Rose Convent in La Crosse, Wisconsin, serves as the administrative and spiritual heart of FSPA, housing more than 50 offices and three chapels. Among the chapels are Mary of the Angels which welcomes visitors from La Crosse and around the world, and the Perpetual Adoration Chapel where the sisters have prayed since 1878. St. Rose Convent is on the list of historical sites in La Crosse.

Our neighbors include Viterbo University and Mayo Clinic Healthcare campuses and we share space with the Franciscan Spirituality Center. We often refer to ourselves as a Franciscan Neighborhood. However, when referencing St. Rose Convent and Mary of the Angels Chapel, each should be listed independent of our neighbors (we are not part of Viterbo Campus, for example). 

Key Leadership
FSPA leadership is elected by its members after prayer and consideration. Terms of office generally last four years. The 2022-2026 president is Sister Sue Ernster, with Sister Georgia Christensen as vice president. 

Sister Thea Bowman
Sister Thea shared the message of God's love through a teaching career. After 16 years of teaching, at the elementary, secondary and university level, the bishop of Jackson, Mississippi, invited her to become the consultant for intercultural awareness.  Today, Sister Thea is in the process of canonization, the journey to becoming a saint. We have a section on this website dedicated to Sister Thea, including her documentary and images available for download and use.  Learn more about Sister Thea Bowman.

Franciscan Spirit
Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration were inspired by St. Francis of Assisi, who served the people of Italy during the 13th century. St. Francis is regarded for his close relationship with God - evidenced in his simple life of prayer, devotion to the poor, and awareness of all creation.

Our Work
FSPA offers new life, meaning, and hope to the temporally and spiritually poor by working for change both in society and in individuals' lives. Our work, also known as our ministries, reflect this commitment.

Perpetual Adoration  -  Care of the Earth  -  Immigration  -  Modern Slavery  -  Homelessness  -  Jail Ministry 
Corporate Responsibility  -  Spirituality Centers  -  Global Awareness Through Experience  -  AdorationTalk -
Franciscan Intellectual Tradition Education  -  Messy Jesus Business: Contemplating Gospel living

Simplicity. Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration have promised to live a life of simplicity, known as the vow of poverty. This vow frees members from ownership concerns, allowing them to focus on our stated mission and devote their common resources to serving others.

Relationships. Sisters also commit to living a community lifestyle within the vow of celibacy. Community life frees them to cultivate and enjoy intimate friendships - both within and outside the congregation.

Unity. Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration find that they can accomplish great things when they are united in their efforts. Through the vow of obedience, they commit themselves to the congregation's mission to serve God, the whole church, and society. Listening to their community, themselves, the spirit, and the world enables them to discern better how their individual gifts may further their mission.

FSPA vowed members enjoy extraordinary opportunities for spiritual growth, lifelong learning, and professional development. FSPA invites Catholic women of all origins and backgrounds to consider religious life within its community. New membership is open to single Catholic women, ages 21 to 45, who want a deeper relationship with God, and who seek community and a life of Gospel service.

Our mission is to be spiritual collaborators joined in sacred relationship, supporting one another to live the Gospel and transform our world. As affiliates we live the Gospel by committing to a values-based lifestyle that reflects the teachings of Jesus, St. Francis and St. Clare. Understanding these as universal values, affiliation with FSPA is open to all. Learn more about our affiliation program

Prayer Partners
A prayer partner is someone who commits to taking a regularly scheduled prayer hour in the FSPA Adoration Chapel located in St. Rose Convent, La Crosse. To become a prayer partner with FSPA, you need a desire to build upon your prayer life and commit to taking an adoration hour, which will be assigned after orientation. Become a perayer partner.

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Franciscan Sister of Perpetual Adoration Julia Walsh hosts a podcast and blogs at Messy Jesus Business

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