Wanderings and Wonderings - Sister Meg's Journey

Renewal, Transition and Beautiful Reflection

In my last reflection, I didn't realize I would send another, but then Sister Michelle L'Allier, a Little Falls Franciscan Sister invited me to talk about religious life and my time in Bolivia on her podcast, Engaging Franciscan Wisdom.

Time to Come Home

Over the past few months, I've found that my energy has been less and less. I patiently waited for it to return, but as time passed, I realized it just wasn't returning. I had some medical tests, but everything was normal. Finally, a few weeks ago, I talked to my community and made the decision to return home.

Fiesta, Fires, Families and Fun

Many great pardons for waiting so long to post this but there was a fiesta in Yaguarú, and so I spent most of the week there. Since there's no WiFi there, I can't write my posts there. Now that I'm back in Ascencion, here is a quick recap of the last couple of weeks!


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