Wanderings and Wonderings - Sister Meg's Journey

Fiesta, Fires, Families and Fun

Many great pardons for waiting so long to post this but there was a fiesta in Yaguarú, and so I spent most of the week there. Since there's no WiFi there, I can't write my posts there. Now that I'm back in Ascencion, here is a quick recap of the last couple of weeks!

New Ministry in Yaguaru

I have started a new ministry in the small town of Yaguarú over the last month or so. You might remember me talking about being invited to dance at the end of Carnaval -- that was in Yaguarú.

A Little Bit of Sadness - Patience and Love

I've had some sadness lately. There's really no reason why, it just has quietly and persistently been inviting me into myself. It's a hard thing for me to admit, possibly even more to myself than to others. And yet, here I am.


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