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Time to Come Home

By Sister Meg Earsley on Monday, October 3rd 2022

Over the past few months, I've found that my energy has been less and less. I patiently waited for it to return, but as time passed, I realized it just wasn't returning. I had some medical tests, but everything was normal. Finally, a few weeks ago, I talked to my community and made the decision to return home.

It was a difficult decision because I love the sisters and the people of the pueblos I am working with so much. It took a real honest look at things to realize that even with such a strong love, for some reason, it wasn't enough to energize me.

The goodbyes have been very difficult. I will miss the community of the sisters, the children - their laughter and joy, my work - especially my work with Sister Yanira, and a thousand other great things. I get the feeling that this isn't the end of these relationships, but merely a change to a new and different chapter in the story.

I am home now, getting some real rest, some more medical tests and whatever other help I need. It is a gift to be in my community which has so willingly embraced me home and continues to support me with their love and prayers.

As this part of my journey ends, I won't be posting further reflections, but who knows what the future will bring! Blessings to everyone and love and peace to all in Bolivia!

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Mary Bard Says:
10/03/2022 6:55pm
Welcome back, Meg. You've done some remarkable work and serious growing. Rest up, and hope to see you soon. Thinking of you with love from your driftless aunt...

Pat S Says:
10/03/2022 7:03pm
It must have been a wrenching decision to leave, but you chose well. We must listen to God as God speaks through our bodies to discern where we are to be and what we are to be doing. Your Latin American community has benefitted from your time there just as you have been blessed in those relationships and experiences. The lives of those of us who have been blest to read your posts have also been deeply enriched. Thank you for sharing your experience. Rest and be well!

Mary Frances Bley Says:
10/03/2022 7:04pm
Dearest Sister Meg, Welcome Home. I have learned so much and loved your blog so much. Your willingness and ability to engage was awe-inspiring to me. I find your self-knowledge and self-awareness extraordinary. You are brave and courageous to listen deeply to the best next step. I believe the toughest time are only fully realized and understood from the hilltop of time. Thank-you for your vivid descriptions and photographs-beyond-compare that showed each of us how you invited in and created another new home that we all felt so close to. In my eyes you are a magnificent human being. Again, thank you Sister Meg for deeply sharing your journey with us. I will never forget the faces and territories of the people you were so close with. With much love and admiration, Mary Frances

Mary Ann Gschwind Says:
10/03/2022 7:31pm
Welcome home!!

Kris Waite-Labott Says:
10/03/2022 7:40pm
You are my hero and I love you. I can't wait to see you and be able to hug you. Love you, love you, love you <3

Diann Meiller Says:
10/03/2022 9:11pm
Grateful you listened and pray all is well. Thank you for opening a new corner of the world to me!

Aunt Terese Says:
10/03/2022 9:13pm
Sister Meg, I concur with everyone else - Well done, good and faithful servant! All you have accomplished, the lives you have touched, the love you have shared, the growing you have done have helped build the Kingdom of God. I’m glad you have your community by your side and hope you are feeling better soon. By the way…Happy Feast of Saint Francis!

Sid Earsley Says:
10/04/2022 7:00am
Another giant step in your journey. So far you have shown us what love and compassion means.

Patricia Joanne Pintens Says:
10/04/2022 8:12am
Welcome home Meg! Thank you for sharing so honestly and beautifully in your blogs. Your experiences have touched hearts and changed the world. Extra prayers for your health and well-being as you rest and listen to where the Spirit is leading you next. Pace e bene. Pat

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