Show me a sign: Discerners seeking direction

Common discernment questions

“I’ve seen her change and grow … since she’s been a sister. It’s nice to see her settle in and be more at peace with herself. It’s been a beautiful process to see.”
– Eileen, Sister Lucy Slinger’s sibling

“I don’t know if I noticed it when she became Catholic, but when she made the decision, there was a light in her eyes.”
– Mary Kay, Sister Sarah Hennessey’s mom

“Even though there was some questioning among the family, I chose to go ahead.”
– Sister Lucy Slinger

Sister Laura Nettles - How do I navigate my changing role as a daughter? Sister Jacinta Jackson - How will I stay in contact with my family? Sister Sarah Hennessey - What if my family isn't Catholic? Sister Lucy Slinger- What if my family doesn't agree with my choice? Sister Dawn Kutt - How will religious life affect my relationships?

Women discerning religious life (and anyone walking with them) have the opportunity to meet Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration who share the joys and struggles they experienced in personal relationships as they walked their own pathway of discernment. Their stories are intended to help discerners looking for ways to build bridges of conversation with family and friends.

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