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Common discernment questions

Q: Is it possible to change careers while serving as a Catholic sister? 

A: Yes, it is possible to discern a change of ministry as the spirit is always at work within you and often leads to new experiences of response to the needs of the times. Discernment takes place within community and you will be asked why you feel a change is necessary. Together with community members you will discern the next steps. This is part of the co-creation that is possible when you say “yes” to God’s invitation to serve his people. It is in the everyday experiences of walking with others that your eyes may be opened to see a particular need. Sometimes additional education or training is necessary to serve. In other circumstances an open heart and willingness to learn from wisdom figures around you will provide all that you need to work in a new ministry. Many FSPA have discerned and moved into different ministerial roles as they saw new needs and recognized their own gifts and talents to serve others.

It is impossible to predict what will unfold over the course of your life. Every day is an adventure and God is always full of surprises and invitations to grow and co-create with you. If you ask any sister, she will most likely say that her “yes” to religious life opened more doors than she ever imagined.

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