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Photo of the Week - Week 3

By Sister Meg Earsley on Thursday, January 27th 2022

I had some great ideas about which photo to present this week, but then God made such a pretty rainbow, I jumped up, grabbed my camera and snapped a bunch of photos. Rainbows are so beautiful and they whisper to me of promises and hope. My heart smiles when I see rainbows - they have ever since I was young. It's obvious that rainbows are visible to everyone, but I guess a part of me thinks, somehow, they're also just for me. I realize that's how I feel about God's love. It's for everyone, but somehow, it's also something special, just for me. I feel such gratitude for this gift.

Note: This photo was taken over the neighbors roof. You might notice a tank there. The tank is how water is delivered to homes in Cochabamba. Throughout the week, a truck drops off water to the houses in the city. It is very interesting to know of this alternate way of getting a vital resource like water. I hadn't ever considered there were different ways to get water. I wonder what other interesting innovations I will discover!

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Sarah Hennessey Says:
01/27/2022 8:41pm
What a beautiful rainbow! And thank you for bringing us with you to Bolivia. It's like seeing the world through your eyes. What a gift!

Julia Pinto Says:
01/28/2022 1:01pm
I really appreciate how you compared the rainbow being for everyone and special for you to God's love!! So cool and so proud of you.

Davney Stahley Says:
01/28/2022 7:59pm
I'm loving your holy adventure.

Marcia Baumert Says:
01/29/2022 4:27pm
So beautiful, so far away and yet right here! Thanks for being there and here.

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