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Photo of the Week - Week 16

By Sister Meg Earsley on Thursday, April 28th 2022

Look who came to the convent for a visit! Can you believe it? It was late in the afternoon on Monday and all of a sudden, everyone was talking excitedly and someone told me to get my camera. I couldn't believe it when out of the church came this totally adorable, young, three-toed sloth! I snapped photos and took a quick video (which you can see here if you are interested) and the sloth continued on the adventure of a lifetime (I am sure) being relocated to a more suitable spot. My first thought was the sloth was actually IN the church but after a few questions, I learned that "Iglesia" refers to the whole parish property. It's still too busy of a place here in the pueblo for this little one so I am glad people pitched in to help.

I also saw a friendly Brown Agouti who I was planning on including in the photo of the week but there's something about the adorableness of a sloth that wins out every time! The Agouti is a subspecies specific to this area. If you are interested, I have a short video here!

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Pat S. Says:
04/28/2022 9:57am
What an experience your are having … and we, also, through your blog. Thank you!

Marlene Walsh Says:
04/28/2022 11:07am
I love the picture and both videos. What an amazing world we share with these beautiful animals!

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