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Photo of the Week - Week 14

By Sister Meg Earsley on Wednesday, April 13th 2022

The sun was hastening to the horizon as the courtyard filled with the prayers of the rosary.

Dios te salve María, llena eres de gracia, el Señor es contigo...

Outside, a cool breeze played with skirts, habits and veils and cooled the sisters as their gazes returned to the tabernacle inside the chapel, their lawn chairs facing toward the recipient of their prayers.

Bendita Tú eres entre todas las mujeres…

A pair of pigeons sang their praises with quiet cooing. A hornero announced its joining with a noisy and enthusiastic call. A butterfly gently glided among the brightly colored flowers, dancing to the rhythm of the prayer. A kingbird performed acrobatic pirouettes from the rooftop, catching insects along the way.

y bendito es el fruto de tu vientre Jesús…

As the Rosary continued, the skies filled with sound. The gentle peet of neighbor songbirds and the raucous cries of hundreds of parrots flying overhead. Martins and swallows in large numbers left their perches and danced in the skies above.

Santa María, Madre de Dios, ruega por nosotros pecadores…

Outside the walls of the mission and convent, the plaza was filled with the sounds of talking and laughing. Traffic punctuated things with its crescendo and decrescendo as the residents of the pueblo returned from a day of work or school. Music announced the start of dancing outside the convent, and for a few moments overrode everything else.

ahora y en la hora de nuestra muerte…

As I prayed and reflected on the sorrowful mysteries, I felt a oneness with all the different sights and sounds. I felt the deep, foundational connection I have with all and everyone as one tiny, but greatly loved, part of God’s creation. And in that, I understood God a little bit more.


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Pat S. Says:
04/13/2022 10:22am
Beautiful! Thank you!

Aunt Terese Says:
04/13/2022 2:07pm
Just, beautiful, Meg. This is such a gift to those of us reading your blog. Gracias!

Sarah Hennessey Says:
04/13/2022 3:19pm
You are a poet! Thanks for bringing us with you.

Bob King Says:
04/13/2022 4:08pm
How beautiful. Thank you, Sister, for this gift today!

Diane Porter Says:
04/13/2022 5:07pm
This is very beautiful.Thank you for sharing your experience. All blessings upon you.

Karen Kappell Says:
04/18/2022 7:49pm
Thanks , Meg for transporting us to your location and preyers, Happy Easter Week

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