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Delighting in Routine...and Your Questions?

By Sister Meg Earsley on Sunday, March 20th 2022

The strange thing about writing updates is that I don't get to have conversations with everyone who reads them. I am curious - do you have any questions or anything you have been wondering about? Let me know! You can leave them in the comments (below) or email me at sistermeg@fspa.org. I will try to answer what I can in future updates. Looking forward to hearing from you!

When I am in transition, I long for routine. It brings a sense of normalcy to a way of being that is all-new, unknown and a bit awkward. The structure of my days with the Tertiary Sisters of Saint Francis provides me with a foundation that is constant. It is both prayerful and productive, a peaceful mix of life that I have appreciated since I came here - a month ago now.  As I am starting to feel settled in here, I continue to enjoy the routine.

This is a typical day for me in Ascención, Bolivia:4:50am Levantarme (Get Up)
5:30am Oraciónes de Laudes y Adoración (Morning Prayer and Adoration)
7:00am Desayuno (Breakfast)
8:00am Trabajo a la Clínica de Nutrición (Work at the Nutrition Clinic)
12:00pm Almuerzo (Lunch)
12:30pm Oraciónes de Nona (Mid-Day Prayers)
1:00pm Siesta (Nap)
1:30pm Tiempo de Libre (Free time for practicing Spanish, practicing harp, reflections, emails, Zooms, etc.)
3:00pm Té o Café (Tea or Coffee)
5:30pm Oraciónes de Vesperas y Rosario (Evening Prayer and Rosary)
6:30pm Cena (Dinner)
7:30pm La Misa (Mass)
8:30pm Oraciónes de Completas (Ending Prayers)
9:00pm Duermo (Sleep)

Over the last few days, I went to visit another one of the missions where the sisters minister, called San Miguel. It was about 8 hours away, and we spent the afternoon and evening on Thursday traveling, arriving finally at 1 am. It was a bright and open mission, with a large yard full of plants and trees. The convent had rooms that opened into small, open-places filled with green, lush plants that remind me of Hawaii. The sisters here are generous and full of kindness. It is a beautiful place with beautiful people.

As I sat in a quiet spot overlooking fruit trees on the shady veranda, I realized how accustomed I was to the flow of things back in Ascención. The time at San Miguel was important and sacred, but it was also a delight to return to Ascención. Embracing the new and enjoying the known. This is a beautiful, living harmony for me. I am glad it remains with me here in Bolivia.

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Mary Bley Says:
03/20/2022 1:11pm
I am curious in your new environment what sounds you have heard when falling asleep and when waking up.

Mary Ann Gschwind Says:
03/20/2022 1:32pm
So you are up and at it two hours without any breakfast??? I would have such a headache. How do you do it? Glad you got to visit Sisters at another mission. Have a good week!

Sarah Hennessey Says:
03/20/2022 3:44pm
I'm interested in the food with the TSSF sisters. Also are there any animals there in the compound? Is there a garden or seasonal fruit or vegetables? Also, what are the seasons like? You are in summer now right? The people want to know!

Paula Says:
03/21/2022 4:50am
Is there a wet and dry season? When are they? Have I missed the population of your town? What is the time like at the nutrition clinic? What are your duties? How are language studies going? Are you mentally exhausted fromimmersion in a new language? Are you dreaming in spanish now?

Bob King Says:
03/21/2022 3:47pm
Do you like pudding? (The first question that came to mind when reading your invitation to ask questions.) :-) But seriously... Though I don't typically weigh in, Sister, please know that reading your blogs each day brings joy. I'm visiting Bolivia and experiencing your ministry vicariously through you. You continue in my daily prayers, which, like you, I begin soon after waking.each morning. Continued peace and blessings for you!

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