Podcast features FSPA's Integral Ecology Director

06/22/2023 10:36 am

FSPA Integral Ecology Director Beth Piggush chats with FSC podcast host Steve Spilde about the intersection of spirituality and care of the earth during this new episode of the Franciscan Spirituality Center's "What is Spirituality?" podcast.

"With an interconnected, integral ecology lens - as a wife or mother or tree hugger, as I am - it's looking at what do others need and what do I need? ... I have more success in growing my own food when I have the partners that are the unsung heroes of the pollinators. If they don't have their home and their space, then I don't have the food. ... Everything that's there is more than just my lane of me ... it's the whole picture, the knotty circle ... when it's all of creation." - Beth Piggush

Click here to listen to the podcast

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