Report: Federal Indian Boarding School Initiative

05/12/2022 8:19 am

Department of the Interior Releases Investigative Report, Outlines Next Steps in Federal Indian Boarding School Initiative

On May 11, Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland and Assistant Secretary for Indian Affairs Bryan Newland  released Volume 1 of the investigative report called for as part of the Federal Indian Boarding School Initiative, a comprehensive effort to address the troubled legacy of federal Indian boarding school policies. This report lays the groundwork for the continued work of the Interior Department to address the intergenerational trauma created by historical federal Indian boarding school policies.

Read the full release

The report reflects an extensive and first-ever inventory of federally operated schools, including profiles and maps. Wisconsin includes 10 identified boarding schools, which includes the FSPA-run St. Mary's Indian Boarding School in Odanah.

"As part of the initiative and in response to recommendations from the report, Haaland announced the launch of 'The Road to Healing' year-long tour. It’ll consist of a tour across the country to allow boarding school survivors to share their stories, help connect communities with trauma-informed support and to gather a permanent oral history." Read Indian Country Today’s coverage of the release

Read the full 106-page report

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