FSPA's Impactful Journey to NCR's Newsmaker of the Year

01/05/2024 1:26 pm

In a year where voices from the Catholic margins took center stage, the Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration found recognition for their impactful contributions. The National Catholic Reporter (NCR) named Loretto Sr. Jeannine Gramick as the 2023 Newsmaker of the Year, acknowledging her dedication to LGBTQ ministry.

Highlighting the FSPA's involvement, the article notes a $2 million gift from the Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration, enabling women religious to expand their climate lobbying efforts on Capitol Hill. This contribution played a vital role in addressing environmental issues, emphasizing the order's commitment to tangible and decisive action.

While Pope Francis and various individuals were considered for the Newsmaker title, Gramick's years of advocacy and adversity in LGBTQ ministry, resulting in a one-on-one meeting with the Pope, earned her the well-deserved recognition. The FSPA's commitment to making a positive impact on global issues continues to resonate in the broader dialogue within the Catholic Church.

Read the article here.

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