Show me a sign: Prayer Ahead

Rest Area Sign that reads Prayer Ahead

Rest Area

Ernest Hemingway is credited with writing a wonderful story in just six words. Show me a sign challenged Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration to write a 6-word story to encapsulate their mission experiences. Here are stories from FSPA who have ministered in the healing and health care ministries.

Listening presence, compassionate caring, responding attentively - Sister Esther Leis - Ministered as a hospital chaplain Bodies and spirits, nourish and heal. - Sister Cormarie Wernimont - Ministered as hospital dietitian Smiles exchanged, hearts connected, life blessed. - Sister Marian Massman - Served in the healing ministry

If you were to write a 6-word story as a discernment prayer what would it be? Share it with us at
With your permission, we’ll share it on the Show me a sign blog! Read more 6-word stories.

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