The Faces of Human Trafficking

Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration-founded Task Force to End Modern Slavery partnered with Breaking Free, one of the nation’s leading organizations for working with victims and survivors of sex trafficking, to create “The Faces of Human Trafficking” video series. “Our goal was to create an online resource to educate human trafficking support workers, the general public and give voice to the survivors,” said Sister Corrina Thomas, who serves in the field of human trafficking. “With the help of Breaking Free, we’re introducing the world to the stories of survivors, pimps (sellers) and Johns (buyers).” 

The content is free to anyone wanting to watch, share, embed on a website, in a PowerPoint, etc. 

Meet Terry


Meet Mr. P, a pimp

Meet Mr. J, a John (buyer)

Meet Flora

Meet Maya
*Video contains some strong language

Meet Ms. R

Meet Jessica


Meet Anne

Meet Laurie

Meet Jenny

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