Take Action: Urge Congress to Support a Just Farm Bill

09/11/2023 12:19 pm

“The rich and the poor have equal dignity, and their rights must be guaranteed.”
(Pope Francis, Laudato Si’- on Care for our Common Home, paragraph 94)

A strong and resilient farm and food system benefits our local and global communities including family farmers, ranchers, and consumers. nearly $1 trillion in spending. It is divided into sections (titles) that cover specific program areas including Nutrition, Commodities, Conservation, Trade and more. The Nutrition title comprises 76% of the Farm Bill’s total spending.

farm bill spending pie chart

Recognizing the inherent worth of all our brothers and sisters, as Midwestern Franciscan Justice Promoters, we are compelled to insist that Congress reauthorize a just Farm Bill in 2023 that supports the dignity of all people, especially those in poverty, and offers safeguards for preserving creation.

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The Midwest Franciscan Justice Promoters is made up of representatives from the communities:
Franciscan Sisters of Little Falls, Minnesota
Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration, La Crosse, Wisconsin
Sisters of St. Francis of Assisi, St. Francis, Wisconsin
Sisters of St. Francis, Clinton, Iowa
Sisters of St. Francis, Dubuque, Iowa
Sisters of St. Francis, Rochester, Minnesota

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