Adoration Moment For When You Are Anxious

09/04/2020 3:17 pm

Through FSPA Adoration Moment, we continue to connect with those seeking comfort in uncertain times, while engaging the greater community in the practice of adoration. This ongoing series, launched last year, is intended to support viewers by providing a moment of gentle reflection and deep sense of calm.

In our fifth installment of Adoration Moment, we address the challenge of anxiety in uncertain times. Through soothing music and still photographs of nature and Mary of the Angels Chapel, we hope to impart peace to those experiencing fear, worry, and apprehension. This meditation includes a pause to name your worries, as well as Psalm 131.

This Adoration Moment reminds us that God is always here to carry our concerns. "I can take care of all of it. Just give it all to me."

Enjoy Adoration Moment For When You Are Anxious:

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