Sisters give gratitude and love in honor of jubilee

In 2014, 21 Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration celebrated milestone anniversaries of service as women religious. We also honored seven affiliates as they celebrated their silver jubilees (25 years).

75-Year Diamond Jubilarians

Sister Marie Leon La CroixSister Marie Leon La Croix
As I look back over the past 75 years, my heart fills with gratitude to my God for calling me to a community where eucharistic spirituality is the focus of our lives. These years have been blessed with opportunities for spiritual growth and wonderful ministries. I am most grateful to my sisters, family and friends who have been loving companions on my journey to God. For all of this I sing praises to God.

Sister Alice McMullinSister Alice McMullin
With a song of gratitude in my heart, I reflect over the past 75 years of living as a Franciscan Sister of Perpetual Adoration. I am grateful to my parents, siblings, teachers and pastors who fostered my faith life by word and example, and to my FSPA community that has provided for my educational, spiritual, social and physical wellbeing. Most of all, I am grateful to God who called me to a community devoted to the Blessed Sacrament, the source of all life and energy.


70-Year Diamond Jubilarians

Sister Florence Marie VeitSister Florence Marie Veit
Reflecting on 70 years as a Franciscan Sister of Perpetual Adoration, Sister Florence Marie Veit is grateful for the many blessings and graces she has received. She has experienced a variety of opportunities in which she served and met people who have deeply touched her life. She thanks all FSPA and family who have companioned her on her journey. Composed by Sister Eileen Shaw, Villa pastoral care

Sister Mary Alice FoleySister Mary Alice Foley
Sister Mary Alice Foley is thankful for all the many blessings of the past 70 years as a Franciscan Sister of Perpetual Adoration. She was a teacher for over 40 years and enjoyed seeing her students learn. She taught in Montana, Wisconsin, Washington and Iowa. After her ministry of teaching, she cared for the elderly,worked as a library aide and tutored students. She is proud of her Irish heritage and likes the color green. In her retirement at Villa St. Joseph, Sister Mary Alice continues to display her sense of humor and friendly smile. Composed by Sister Eileen Shaw, Villa pastoral care

Sister Mariquita LubySister Mariquita Luby
Looking back over the 70 years as a FSPA, I am reminded of the idea of a pearl of great price that I am living and cherishing. I am so grateful for the years I have been able to minister in the areas of teaching and directing nursing homes. These past 20 years I was able to be creative especially with the sewing machine. I thank the community for letting me care for the gift shop. Also, I’m thankful for all the sisters who are friends and companions as we live this FSPA life.

Sister Helen Esther LueckSister Helen Esther Lueck
I want to say thank you to the community for the honor of being a member of the FSPA—a community that has eucharistic adoration as its guiding strength. I have been blessed with your support and prayers as I ministered in the educational fields. Then, my greatest joy came to me in the many years I served at the Villa. It was great working with the staff to support and care for our sisters.

Sister Lois LobdellSister Lois Lobdell

Sister Lois Lobdell has been enjoying 11 years of wonderful care at the Villa. For 36 years, she served as a teacher in Iowa, Wisconsin and Washington. She then took on the challenge of working as a dental assistant for 10 years. Having been a primary teacher, Sister Lois later spent 10 years babysitting children. She is thankful for all the support the FSPA community has given her. Composed by Sister Carrie Kirsch, Villa pastoral care

Sister Lorraine ForsterSister Lorraine Forster
While 70 may feel long, filled with the blessings of life and teaching, it has become a fleeting experience of hope and love. Only through living can most things become reality, and long life guarantees new and surprising experiences of lasting support. Friends and grace are the cement of our years.


Sister Rosile PernsteinerSister Rosile Pernsteiner
I have had 70 wonderful years as a member of the Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration. I have experienced many challenges as well as opportunities for which I am most grateful. I have enjoyed the companionship of our sisters as well as benefitting from their gifts and talents and I can rely on their support.

60-Year Diamond Jubilarians

Sister Michon DesmondSister Michon Desmond
Sixty years! How the time flies. Why, it seems like only yesterday that I entered the Market Street entrance of St. Rose Convent to begin my journey as a FSPA. What full years lay ahead of me: 28 years as a teacher and administrator in elementary school, high school and college settings; years spent in such exotic places as Eau Claire, Spokane, Bozeman, Guam, Superior and La Crosse. How thankful I am for those experiences and the dedicated sisters and lay staff I lived and worked with. My greatest privilege during these last many years was to work closely with all the sisters of the Eastern Region, the retired sisters and staff at St. Rose and now the sisters and staff at Villa St. Joseph. God has been good! So, I take this opportunity to say thank you to all—family, friends, co-workers and all FSPA who have journeyed with me these 60-plus years. Peace and all good!

Sister Cordelle AdamsSister Cordelle Adams
Sister Cordelle has been living at the Villa for the past seven years. She always has a big smile for everyone, and loved to talk. However, in the past couple of years she is very content to be quiet. I’m sure if she was able she would thank the FSPA community for all that she was able to do in her ministry and for the care she has been given. Composed by Sister Carrie Kirsch, Villa pastoral care


Sister Malinda GerkeSister Malinda Gerke
I am extremely thankful to all who have made my life one of joy and fulfillment. My family grounded me in commitment and the love of service, and my community supported me in so many different fields of endeavor. How good God is and how marvelous are his ways. The excitement of being in his service never ends! Peace and all good to all my companions throughout these years.

Sister Rachel KieferSister Rachel Kiefer
Back in 1954, when we were bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and eager to go on our first mission, the 20th century was hardly in our vocabulary. 2014 was about as real as Star Trek. As I look back on the past 60 years, I am thankful to God for all the blessings he has showered on me. My community, family and friends have stood by me and became part of the fabric of my life. All I can say is, thank you, thank you, thank you. I look forward to more years to serve.


Sister Karolyne RohlikSister Karolyne Rohlik
I’ve been blessed with the gift of being a Franciscan: the beauty of the places I’ve been, the sisters and people I shared my experiences with, and the joy and wonder of life as the ministry I was engaged with through the years. I’m most grateful as God’s loving presence was with me and will be through whatever the future holds.


Sister Betty ShakalSister Betty Shakal
These 60 years have been both a challenge and a very great gift! I thank, especially, my family for their support and encouragement these many years as well as that of my community. May we all meet again in heaven someday!


Sister Marie KyleSister Marie Kyle
The face of FSPA is painted by each sister participating in the mission of Jesus according to her specific gift and call within our Franciscan life. My call is and has been to “bring new life, meaning, and hope to a suffering and searching humanity”(Unity in Diversity #37). I have been privileged to serve in this life-giving mission in health care in a variety of ways and places. I am grateful to FSPA and all the people who support us in trying to make this world a better place. FSPA has given me many opportunities personally, spiritually and professionally—for these, I say thank you.

Sister Dolores LillaSister Dolores Lilla
“Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good.” Gratitude to my family, my FSPA community, the St. Francis Xavier Parish family, my friends, my ministry and all it involves. For all these blessings, I give thanks.

Sister Marian KluesnerSister Marian Kluesner
Give thanks and remember—the essence of jubilee to me, a milestone in life’s journey:
Silver, the 25th: embracing the challenge of teaching multi-grades at various levels while completing college during summer months. 
Golden, the 50th: new interests surface and God calls me to minister to the emerging immigrant population including Cubans, Vietnamese, Cambodians and Laotians in Tulsa, Oklahoma, followed by an interlude of assisting the sisters at Villa St. Joseph and, finally, working with the incoming Mexican and Spanish population in El Paso, Texas.
Diamond, the 60th: not all challenges are completed but it’s now the acceptable time to enter more fully into the contemplative with prayer and adoration and the companionship of the FSPA community, looking forward to the final jubilee. Let us rejoice and be glad, thankful to God for all his creations and everlasting love.

Sister Mary Becker

50-Year Golden Jubilarians

Sister Mary Becker
Jubilees seem to be a good time to remember and give thanks. I am grateful for having been called to be a Franciscan Sister of Perpetual Adoration. I am also grateful to all with whom I have lived and shared ministry, and for all the experiences I have had these past 50 years. May God continue to bless our community. 


Sister Genny MorrisseySister Genny Morrissey
Words cannot really express my gratitude, joy and thanks to all my FSPA community for all I have benefitted from each and every one of you. I was privileged to serve at the Villa for a number of years to care for the sisters, as they were in rehab or getting ready to meet their Lord. The encouragement and example they showed to me has brought me to where I am now. This was gift not only from each of them but especially from God. May he continue to be one with me and all of us as we continue our journey in this life. Blessings on all FSPA and affiliates.

Sister Karen FlottmeierSister Karen Flottmeier
With a heart filled with gratitude I sing praise for God’s infinite goodness to me over these 50 years as a Franciscan Sister of Perpetual Adoration. Living the vowed religious life, I have been blessed and gifted by encounters with so many good and dedicated women and men generously ministering here and abroad to the needs of others in church and society.
We have been an inspiration and source of hope to one another over the years. Some friends from different places I’ve ministered in have already died yet the values they stood for reside in my soul’s memory and I am grateful. For all those still living with whom and for whom I ministered, I am grateful and just say, celebrate with me!

25-Year Silver Affiliate Jubilarians

Joan Gerhards

Joan Gerhards
My reflection as a FSPA affiliate brings me to the daily continuation of answering the call to walk with this community, to be with the focus of living a contemplative life wherever I may be. The charism of simplicity, spirit of poverty, hospitality and influence of prayer in perpetual adoration has permeated my life and continues to stretch me to share Franciscan presence in every moment. To be a Gospel person in the marketplace is mostly done by quiet example, and then stepping out of the way and letting God see to the outcome. All this affects those around me and reverberates out to the cosmos. I walk with gratitude in this testimony to a Franciscan way of life that is gift, peace and joy. 

Sharon ChavollaSharon Chavolla
I am eternally grateful to the FSPA community for your loving and compassionate embrace of me all of these years. Twenty-six years ago, on our annual pilgrimage from Mexico to the United States, we stopped overnight in Las Vegas, Nevada. In the morning I popped into St. Anne’s Church. There I recognized Sister Lydia Wendl. She, Sister Lorraine Forster and the community opened their hearts and home to us in true Franciscan hospitality. Sister Lydia introduced me to affiliation. Later, Sister Genny Morrissey lovingly assisted us in our transition back into life in the U.S. My companion community, Jubilee Gems, has been a great source of comfort. The Villa sisters, as well as my sponsors Sisters Beatrice Merkes and Kathy Roberg, have provided me with a wellspring of inspiration. I am grateful to all of you and our loving God who showers us all with abundance. 

John TullyJohn Tully
Being a prayer affiliate with FSPA for 25 years has been a rich experience. The love and support of sisters and affiliates has been vital to my spiritual growth. My jubilee celebration with Affiliation Co-minister Marci Madary and my companion community in Oakland, California, (August 2014) stands out as a significant milestone in my life.


Affiliates also celebrating 25 years include: Dennis and Doreen Schutte, Joseph Leuck and Louise Strother, pictured below. affiliate jubilarians

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