Anti-Racism Vision

Anti-Racism Vision

Unity in Diversity

We celebrate authentically
unity in diversity
by challenging ourselves
to unveil our white privilege 

– declared at FSPA’s A Revolution of Goodness, June 2018

We are on a journey to dismantle FSPA racism.  

Committed to awareness, analysis and action, we are praying, learning and acting with those who grant us the insight and courage to know how we can begin dismantling FSPA racism. Our efforts are:

  • raising awareness of our participation in systemic racism
  • analyzing our congregation’s anti-racist vision
  • acting authentically for racial equity

Our work is guided by our FSPA  mission to be loving presence through prayer, witness and service, recognizing that all people are children of God and beloved of their Creator. 

Waking Up White Regional Reads

The Waking Up White Regional Read, co-sponsored by FSPA, invites the La Crosse-area community to read "Waking Up White," attend public presentations, and engage in book chat conversations about ways to create a more welcoming and inclusive multicultural community.

Visit La Crosse Waking Up White for the schedule and registration information.

Social Responsibility Speaks: our partner in this ministry

We've partnered with Social Responsibility Speaks to become an Anti-Racist organization. Social Responsibility Speaks believes "that humans have a social responsibility to care for one another, work towards a more just society, and endeavor to educate others to do the same ... if we treat symptoms and not the cause, the problem will reoccur because the root will still bear fruit." 

Social Responsibility Speaks will guide FSPA through a range of services, including education and an assessment of our organization,  "centered on the fact that organizations' 'diversity' challenges are often a result of misunderstanding how to achieve it." 

Resources include "In the Sphere of EID, Actions Speak Lounder than Words" and "15 Reasons Our Actions are Incongruent with Our Equity, Inclusion, & Diversity 'Values'" 

'Our reckoning': US sisters take up call to examine their role in systemic racism

"If you really understand what happened in the past, you can identify your previous behaviors and try to correct them. And I think that's what sisters are after this time." - M. Shawn Copeland

Read Global Sisters Report's article "'Our reckoning:' US sisters take up call to examine their role in systemic racism."

Educating ourselves and our children about critical race theory

"The education most needed to address racism in our society extends well beyond our schools. It begins with each of us asking ‘why.’ It begins with critical self-reflection, with identifying our inadvertent microaggressions and unveiling our own white privilege," shares Sister Julia Walsh in her article published by the La Crosse Tribune.

Read "Educating ourselves and our children about critical race theory."

Language 101

Why language matters: how do I value diversity and work for oneness? Presented by Sister Laura Nettles, presentation highlights include why language matters, the problem with racial colorblindness, when to not talk about race and how to talk about race. 

Franciscan Federation passes new resolution for JPIC Work

As a member of the Franciscan Federation, FSPA is pleased to share that the resolution passed for the 2021-22 is Confronting Racism with a Franciscan Heart. With mentions of both Fratelli Tutti and Laudato Si, Pope Francis' two prominent encyclicals, the resolution reminds us of our calling to a "way of life marked by the flavor of the Gospel" and of the connection "between praising the God of creation and recognizing our duty to care for each other by caring for the planet." Intended as a concrete response to those directives, the call to action is to "a collective Franciscan voice to respond as peacemakers as we confront Racism with a Franciscan Heart."

prayer for racial justice

Read and act: Confronting Racism with a Franciscan Heart
Prayer shared by Loyola University Campus Ministry, Spirituality of Sister Thea Bowman

Watch Exploring Intersections: Racial Justice

How do we deal with our country’s racist history and the long-term consequences? How do we support racial justice today and work to become an anti-racist society? And how does racial justice intersect with the critical issues of migration and climate we also face? This episode of “Exploring Intersections: Catholic Sisters on Racism, Migration and Climate” addresses these issues and more. Our three panelists, Emily Lazor; Sister Patricia Rogers, OP; and Sister Mary Lou Specha, PBVM, bring a diverse perspectives and personal experiences to the table as they engage with host Charish Badzinski in this lively and eye-opening conversation.

Exploring Intersections Action Items

1. Start a discussion group in your parish to read and talk about the book: Racial Justice and the Catholic Church by Father Bryan Massingale.
2. Not only people of color, but also white people have to figure out and share their story when it comes to racial incidents – how did they honestly feel and react.
3. Attend a training on systemic racism – at least three days or more.

View more action items and resources from our Exploring Intersections collaboration.

Studying FSPA History

As a congregation called to unveil its white privilege, and as the country continues to confront systemic racism, FSPA recently accepted an invitation to study more deeply a portion of our history: our ministry at St. Mary’s Boarding School in Odanah, Wisconsin, 1883-1969.

Our hope is that as we engage our own discomfort by listening to the painful and tragic stories of the Ojibawe people and others, we can take action in dismantling systemic racism and white supremacy in ourselves and our areas of influence. Our call is to address our complicity in unjust systems, both historically and now, and strive to enhance dignity and wholeness to those who have suffered for generations.  May God grant us the perseverance necessary for such a mission of reconciliation.

As we continues this path toward healing, we will share resources and information on our Truth and Healing page.

La Crosse County Historical Society, September 2020
"A troubled past: The Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration and St. Mary’s Indian School"

Vision and Direction by the end of 2021 ... 

  • FSPA as a congregation and organization will have further developed the 2018 mission to unveil our white privilege by working to become an anti-racist organization. 
  • Our sisters will further engage in prayer, reflection and learning about the impact of racism in religious life.
  • Our partners in mission-staff will learn about systemic racism and begin to identify elements of white supremacy within the FSPA organization.
  • Our partners in mission-affiliates will delve deeper into their understanding of systemic racism in the life of the Church and our society.
  • Our partners in mission-prayer partners will pray with us in a spirit of humility and repentance as we grow in our awareness of our complicity in racism, praying for the grace of conversion and healing.
  • The general public will identify FSPA as a congregation and organization that is responding to the signs of the times in its efforts to dismantle systemic racism in its areas of influence.

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