Unity in Diversity

We celebrate authentically
unity in diversity
by challenging ourselves
to unveil our white privilege 

– declared at FSPA’s A Revolution of Goodness, June 2018

Our work is guided by resources available from The Privilege Institute. The institute equips and empowers people, organizations, institutions and communities committed to action and accountability related to issues of diversity, power, privilege and leadership.

Studying FSPA History

As a congregation called to unveil its white privilege, and as the country continues to confront systemic racism, FSPA recently accepted an invitation to study more deeply a portion of our history: our ministry at St. Mary’s Boarding School in Odanah, Wisconsin, 1873-1969.

Our hope is that as we engage our own discomfort by listening to the painful and tragic stories of the Ojibawe people and others, we can take action in dismantling systemic racism and white supremacy in ourselves and our areas of influence. Our call is to address our complicity in unjust systems, both historically and now, and strive to enhance dignity and wholeness to those who have suffered for generations.  May God grant us the perseverance necessary for such a mission of reconciliation.

As we continues this path toward healing, we will share resources and information on this page.

La Crosse County Historical Society, September 2020
"A troubled past: The Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration and St. Mary’s Indian School"

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