Unity in Diversity

We celebrate authentically
unity in diversity
by challenging ourselves
to unveil our white privilege 

– declared at FSPA’s Revolution of Goodness, June 2018


Our work is guided by resources available from The Privilege Institute. The institute equips and empowers people, organizations, institutions and communities committed to action and accountability related to issues of diversity, power, privilege and leadership.

Act: Racial Equity Challenge
FSPA Justice & Peace Promoter Pat Ruda is hosting a Racial Equity Challenge for FSPA staff. Attendees commit to six sessions. During each session, they will deepen their understanding of, and willingness to confront, racism. Prior to each session, attendees receive a short reading, video or audio file to study. Follow the challenge below.

Week 1

  • Watch: How to Deconstruct Racism, One Headline at a Time

  • Listen: Tips for talking about race with small children (podcast)
    Sarah Hershey is a mother, middle school humanities teacher, social justice educator, and lifelong learner. She is the founder of Courageous Change Consulting, whose mission is to build capacity among white people of diverse backgrounds to discuss, understand, identify, and tackle racism.

  • Read: Why we must talk about the Asian-American story, too
    ‘Go back to China!’ That ugly exclamation rattled the ears of editor Michael Luo who, with family and friends in tow, headed to get lunch at a nearby Korean restaurant on the Upper East Side streets of Manhattan. Luo wrote an open letter in the New York Times to the white woman who roared it, telling her how such verbal daggers sever Asian-Americans from their citizenship. ‘Maybe you don’t know this,’ he penned, ‘but the insults you hurled at my family get to the heart of the Asian-American experience.’” Read Why we must talk about the Asian-American story, too.

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