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Italian Sangria for Corpus Christi

By Adapted from Christina's Food & Travel by Vicki Lopez-Kaley on Monday, June 12th 2023

2 C Tuscan red wine, (May substitute grape or cranberry juice)
3 C freshly squeezed orange juice
1/2 C freshly squeezed lime juice
3/4 C Tuaca (a citrus-vanilla liqueur) or Triple Sec
1/3 C vermouth (optional)
1/2 C limoncello or lemon juice
1/4 C sugar
Orange slices, for garnish
Lemon slices, for garnish
Lime slices, for garnish
Blueberries for garnish
Prosecco (optional)*

Makes 1 pitcher
Combine all ingredients (except ice cubes) in a large pitcher and mix well. Pour Sangria over ice in a glass.
*Add Prosecco to glass of Sangria or if you prefer, add Prosecco directly into Sangria pitcher and mix. Either way it adds a zing to the drink if you like bubbly.

On a hot summer day, who doesn’t enjoy a cool drink?  This festive recipe for Italian Sangria is fruity, refreshing and can be made with or without alcohol.  Sangria comes from the Spanish word sangre meaning blood, an element of life itself.  This recipe and picture above comes from Christina's Food and Travel website.  She is an Italian American who honors her southern Italian heritage in travel and cooking.

My grandfather was a winemaker like his immigrant mother.  He would offer his dry and potent vino to guests and family at any hour.  One winter day when he and I disagreed about something I wanted to do, I said “no” when Papa offered me a glass.  As his face dropped, I realized deeply that his wine was a gift of himself, his love and his heart.  Surrendering my small desire, I poured us both a glass.  Salute!  It was a moment that deepened my appreciation for him and how he poured himself out for others.  It connected me more closely with the life poured out in love by our Jesus.  

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