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Welcome to The Seasoned Franciscan. Sisters and their partners in mission—including affiliates, prayer partners and staff—share these recipes hoping to provide you with new ways of looking at the food around you. Being mindful of the food we eat is integral to making lasting change throughout the world. We focus these recipes on five themes: eating seasonally, exploring our heritages, pursuing meatless meals, foraging or using food scraps and embracing indigenous and ethnic foods.

New recipes are shared on a regular basis and can be submitted to the FSPA Eco Pact Team at

Asparagus and Honey Lemon Chicken & Easter Reflections

Asparagus is a perennial vegetable that rises from underground in the Upper Midwest from May through June.  Enjoy it in Asparagus and Honey Lemon Chicken.  In this Resurrection season, reflect with me on ways to act and advocate, bringing transformation to our world, including our food system, feeding and healing people, plants, animals and the planet.  

Basic Whole Wheat Bread

During Easter Week or the 50-day Easter season, slow down to let the Holy One feed your deepest hungers.  Even make bread with this recipe for Basic Whole Wheat Bread.   Consider how you give bread - material and spiritual - to the hungry.  Live the Eucharist and pray  "Holy God, give bread to the hungry and hunger for You to those who have bread."  

A Food Pantry Challenge!

Rather than a recipe, this post poses a Food Pantry Challenge! If you needed food assistance, what groceries would you put in your monthly food pantry package? From the list of options provided, tally up how many meals you would eat from those items. Learn more about WAFER Food Pantry in La Crosse and how to address food insecurity where you live.


Vicki Lopez-Kaley – I am an affiliate with FSPA and a member of the Eco Pact Team. For me the kitchen and garden are about slowing down and being creative. Sharing stories and connecting with others and the earth through food can bring great meaning and pleasure.

Isabel “Iggy” Bauer – I served as an AmeriCorps Service Member with FSPA. Sustainable food is one of my passions and I have a vision of bringing local food, gardens and green spaces to urban areas in support of human health and happiness.

The FSPA Eco Pact Team – We are a cooperative group of sisters, affiliates and partners in mission focused on making an impact on integral ecology through the lens of Laudato Si’. Since beginning our mission in the summer of 2021, Eco Pact has brought forward many changes, including initiating effective recycling practices at St. Rose Convent. Connect with us at

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