Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility

Franciscan Economics

Pope Francis has invited and challenged us to join the solidarity economy, the Economy of Francesco, a worldwide movement aimed to change the current economic models and craft a future that is more inclusive and just. Through Seeding a Legacy of Healing, ministry grant, impact investments and our Laudato Si' commitment, we are acting on the opportunities and our commitment to transform economies for people and the planet.

Perspectives features 'our Catholic mission of impact investing'

Francesco Collaborative

FSPA is proud to be a part of the formation of the Francesco Collaborative. The invitation from Pope Francis to dream of a new economy rooted in the ideals of Catholic Social Teaching has animated Francesco Collaborative's efforts to cast an alternative vision and build conviction around new possibilities.

Livable Future Investing Workshop

“Such a gift for anyone looking to embark on impact investing.” - Sister Sue Ernster, Treasurer & CFO, Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration. At its heart, this worship is about unleashing the leadership and bold action each of us can take to, in the words of Pope Francis, be "protagonists of transformation." The next Liveable Future Investing Workshop is October 2022.

Economy of Francesco

The Economy of Francesco Global Event was held Sept. 23-24, 2022. While young leaders led the conference, they also tapped into the wisdom of elders who have been working to make the global economy more humane and sustainable for decades. Participants met in 12 "thematic villages" to discuss topics such as finance, agriculture, energy, lifestyle and women in teh economy, culminating in a meeting with Pope Francis to offer experiences and proposals for the future.  

Faith Invest: What is the call of Laudato Si' for investors?

This Living Laudato Si' resource hub is a space for insights and inspiration to support organizations seeking to deliver on their ecological economic goals. 

Catholic Impact Investing Collaborative

We are engaging in the Catholic Impact Investing Collaborative, a collective of organizations missioned to "sharing our experience and celebrating our Catholic faith and values." Impact investing allows FSPA to use finances to amplify the mission and make the greatest impact. 

FSPA Investment Objectives
  • Bridge the equity gap, unveiling our white privilege so that our investments foster and fortify equity
  • Build bridges of relationships to stretch us to be people of enoucnter who stand with all suffering in our earth community, including political and environmental refugees.
  • Focus on joyful Gospel living, to be transformed in love and goodness for community and mission

We've signed the pledge to demonstrate that FSPA has taken meaningful and accountable steps to incorporate impact investments into our portfolio in alignment with Catholic Social Teaching and the urgency for action on environmental and social justice issues. Read the pledge and learn more about our Seeding a Legacy of Healing investments.

Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility

As part of our corporate memberships and legislative work, FSPA is a member of Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility. ICCR works with religious congregations in the United States to facilitate systemic change via proxy voting. Issues of interest include ecological concerns (such as water sustainability and the effect of genetically modified organisms), as well as wage discrepancy concerns and sex trafficking in the hotel industry.

  • The climate is changing, so should we hash tag act now
  • ICCR submitted comments ot the SEC on its proposed rule, The Enhancement and Standardization of Climate-Related Disclosures for Investors, a rule meant to facilitate climate risk assessment for all investors. 

    7th Generation, part of ICCR, works for systemic change. This coalition of faith and values-driven institutional investors view the management of their investments as a powerful catalyst for social change. 
  • Plant sprouting from cracked dirt

  • Monsanto: change has been accomplished due to proxy voting. Monsanto has taken necessary measures to reduce its impact on water quality in developing countries, continues to address these issues and has issued a sustainability pledge.

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