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Prayer anniversary sparks compassion

Thursday, August 3rd 2017 11:30 am
Amy Taylor
For centuries bells have called people of many different faiths to prayer. Long before watches or smartphones church bells marked the hours of the day and served as time keepers of life and routine....

Doorways to celebration

Thursday, August 4th 2016 12:12 pm
Sister Amy Taylor, FSPA
Like an ice cream cone in the sunshine the days of summer continue to melt, one after the other. It’s already the beginning of August and time teeters in the remaining liminal space of the...

Let's celebrate 139 years of perpetual adoration!

Tuesday, August 1st 2017 10:00 am
Sister Amy Taylor, FSPA
Today, FSPA celebrates 139 years of perpetual adoration. As we rejoice and ring in another year of continuous prayer, we invite you to pause, reflect and pray with us.

Sister Amy: grateful for the ways I'm inspired to pray

Tuesday, August 8th 2017 3:15 pm
Sister Amy Taylor, FSPA
  Hands open, ready to receive what God places in them It is in the spirit of gratitude that I have invited my sisters to collaborate with me in this new series featuring original...

Sounding the bell for 140 years of 24/7 prayer [video]

Wednesday, August 1st 2018 1:00 pm
Sister Amy Taylor, FSPA
Sister Marguerite Bruening is one of several sisters and prayer partners at St. Rose Convent, ringing this bell in commemoration of 140 years of perpetual adoration.
Today we celebrate the beginning of our 141st year of perpetual adoration, ringing this bell 140 times for those full of unending prayer since Aug. 1, 1878, and once to commence a new year of...

The celebration continues! [video]

Thursday, August 1st 2019 3:00 pm
Sister Amy Taylor, FSPA
  Honoring discernment, jubilee and the 141st anniversary of perpetual adoration Sister Laura Schreck, FSPA jubilarian celebrating 75 years
Show me a sign is honoring our 2019 jubilarians by sharing their stories of discernment and ministry. Today, four jubilarians, Sisters Rita Mae Fischer, Rosile Pernsteiner, Lorraine Forster and...

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