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I'm Passing the Baton!

Friday, August 19th 2022 12:37 pm

Hello again, Iggy here, in what will be my last update on The Seasoned Franciscan. But worry not! The recipe swap will go on with Vicki Lopez-Kaley taking the lead as of Monday (Aug. 22, 2022). Vicki will be slowing the pace of recipe posts to once per week, but may also include posts about how to can and preserve food, among other things, so be on the lookout for that!

It's been a journey getting this recipe swap up and running. I've learned so much about what goes into setting up a webpage. Even on an established site like fspa.org, it's a lot. Also about promotion and getting the word out. I talk about The Seasoned Franciscan frequently, saying I've posted this or that or that someone should check out our recipe page, and sometimes I get curious questions and sometimes I don't. And both of those are ok, this isn't for everyone.

I do have some final thoughts I'd like to share. We're starting to get off the ground with people sending in recipes, and I hope we keep gaining momentum! Remember, the categories do not have to overlap (there's not a lot about that tortellini recipe that's seasonal or foraged), and we're very interested in sharing the different ways people like to eat. I hope in the future we see more indigenous, ethnic, and heritage recipes. I know I'll be sending in my Austrian Kaiserschmarrn (a spin on pancakes) recipe as soon as I find it since that part of my heritage is incredibly important to me. I think it's incredibly important to explore not just our own heritages but also the ethnicities we share this earth with in order to grow as a healthy society. So please, share recipes you may have found that your grandmother made for you, share the ones that you've found that your friend taught you years ago, and share the ones that you've learned through your travels and experiences. And share recipes that are new to you, too, since the world of food continues to be exciting and innovative!

With an emotional heart, it is time for me to say goodbye. I'll still send recipes in, but since I will no longer serve with FSPA after today I will no longer be creating posts. But I'll be following along, and I'm excited to see and try what you like to eat! Happy cooking to you all!

If you would like to be notified when we share new recipes, be sure to scroll to the bottom, provide your email address, check the box confirming you are not a robot, click on a few photos to prove it and click subscribe! You will then receive an email after each new post. Remember, we're always looking for new recipes, so keep sending them to ecopact@fspa.org!

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