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One Word. Gratitude.

Monday, August 15th 2022 1:59 pm

This is my humble attempt to tell you about the incredible and joy-filled time of my 50th birthday, but words are inadequate sometimes to express the depth of my feelings, so know that this time was absolutely precious to me and will live deep in my heart for all time.

One word continues to spring up again and again as I reflect on my celebration - gratitude.

My birthday began with a tidal wave of greetings from around the world in my inbox, WhatsApp, Messenger, Facebook, and probably some places I forgot about!

At 5:30 a.m. morning prayer, I was greeted with a note on the altar that said the day's prayer intentions were for "Sister Meg and her community." During the Prayers of the Faithful, Madre Martha prayed for me and my community, full of love and well-wishes.

The dining room was decorated for my birthday with fifty birds for fifty years. Birds were everywhere! They were on the wall, in a "tree" that was created from branches and flowers and tucked away in flowers decorating the tables. A special candle was lit for me at my place setting during each meal. The tables were decorated especially beautifully.

As I entered, each sister greeted me with a hug and a "felicidades!" Faces were bright with smiles and quiet blessings were spoken.

At breakfast, songs were sung (including a specific reference to BIRDS in one), and empanadas were served. Homemade empanadas con queso (with cheese)! And I received more prayerful blessings at the meal prayer!

At lunch, there was music and more singing, more prayers, and at the end of the meal, the biggest cake I have ever seen was brought out while the Bolivian version of "Happy Birthday" was sung.

Tucked away at a table were gifts from the community. Some were personal gifts and others from the group as a whole. They waited for me until the end of the day when I opened them in the quiet of my room as I reflected on the day.

The following day, Santa Clara (the nutrition clinic) group got together for lunch of pica machu, a little more cake, great conversation and dancing.

While there, Sister Yanira quietly gave me a few more wrapped gifts. When I opened them later, I was surprised to see amazingly thoughtful gifts including a handmade card with special photos, scripture and a tree filled with birds. A true work of art. She also hand-painted a bed cover -- some of the birds I've seen here in Bolivia -- and a beautiful pillow with birds accented with my favorite color of purple. She is an amazing artist.

So many other expressions of celebration and well-wishes were had on my birthday. I am sure I am forgetting some really important ones! Needless to say, my 50th birthday will remain burning brightly in my heart for all the love and joy. I have had an overwhelming sense of gratitude ever since. Perhaps that is the biggest gift I received for my big 5-0!

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Sister Karolyne: God's sacred creation in morning and evening prayer

Tuesday, October 3rd 2017 10:00 am
Sister Karolyne Rohlik, FSPA


My greeting with the earth each morning is one of gratitude and love for the gift of a new day, and the prayer of Blessing and Goodness in the evening is with the earth’s presence. 


Gazing and listening in the presence of God’s sacred creation — communion and Eucharist beauty, simple and natural and wonderful — create my deepest prayer. 

Franciscan Way is a series featuring prayerful reflection by Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration.

Feliz Dia De la Amistad - Happy Friendship Day!

Saturday, July 23rd 2022 1:20 pm

As I spend my time coloring a special little something for one of my friends here in Bolivia, I have been reflecting on my many friendships, past and present. It has been a joyful opportunity to spend time in many precious memories, dwelling in gratitude for the abundance of blessings my friends are to me and praying for those, old and new. God has blessed me indeed!

New and old,
near and far,
young and old,
some who are no longer here.

My friends have been
gamers and goth,
business and birders,
artists and scientists,
rich and poor,
all holding a special place in my heart.

Blessed with family who are friends,
and friends who are like family,
some were brief encounters,
others long-lasting deep connectedness,
and many that are somewhere in between.

Whoever you are,
wherever you are,
know this,
I share the love I have found in God's embrace
with you today.
May you feel friendship deep in your spirit.

One of my special joys is my gift of seeing "friend" in everyone I meet. Know that even if I haven't met you, you have a friend in me. (Cue music for Randy Newman's "You got a friend in me.") I will be spending today praying for all of my friends, past, present and future. If you would like a special prayer today or whenever you read this, know that I would be blessed to pray for you. Send in a comment and know that your intention will be in my prayers. After all, what are friends for?! (Be sure to mark it private in some way if you don't want it shared with the others who read this.)

God bless you on this special day - and always!

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Celebrating peace, harmony, history and freedom

Thursday, July 4th 2019 7:00 am
Sister Amy Taylor, FSPA


Happy 4th of July!


Image courtesy Pixabay

As we celebrate the history of our country with parades and fireworks today, let us pray for peace in our world and harmony in our hearts. May we also give thanks for the blessing of freedom.

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