Sisters Cultivating Change: Land Conservation at Jacoba’s Greenhouse

03/18/2024 2:27 pm

Land conservation holds great significance in preserving the environment for future generations, with the goal of maintaining or enhancing land quality over time. The Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration are making strides with their conservation efforts on 200 acres of land on St. Joseph Ridge. 

Sister Lucy Slinger, who coined the name “Jacob’s Greenhouse,” shares, “I chose the name because it really highlights a relationship between laity and religious. And that is what this whole garden is about.”

What makes this place truly special is that it is being taken care of by a team of women. Beth Piggush, FSPA’s Integral Ecology Director, shares, “It’s a real privilege to work with the Franciscan Sisters, to see an all-women leadership team.” 

This space not only feeds the sisters but also serves as a learning hub. Meredith Hink, Garden Coordinator, shares, “We offer this space as pretty much an open laboratory for students anywhere from 5 to 95.” There students can learn about foraging, habitat restoration and gardening. 

Through Jacob’s Greenhouse, FSPA is setting an inspiring example of land conservation and community engagement.

Read more at WXOW News 19.

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