Sister Thea Bowman Honored: "Thea" play shines at Apollo Theater in New York City

04/30/2024 12:09 pm

The Apollo Theater in New York City honored Sister Thea Bowman on Saturday, April 27 with a play called “THEA.” The play was produced by Nathan Yungerberg, raised in La Crosse, Wisconsin. This play celebrates Sister Thea’s legacy of supporting Black joy, racial justice and equality. 

Nathan’s inspiration for the play traces back to a symposium at Viterbo University, where Sister Thea spoke shortly before her passing. Reflecting on the event, Nathan shares, “She saw us sitting there, singled us out and brought us up on stage. It was a really pivotal moment in my life because it was the first time someone had acknowledged my blackness in that way.” He described the experience as “just a really magical moment.”

The idea of “THEA” came to Nathan in 2018 and he connected with individuals who keep Sister Thea’s legacy alive. Afterward, Nathan went to a retreat in California. He wrote the entire play in just a week, a total of 90 pages. Nathan shares, “It just flowed out of me. I haven’t changed anything since then.”

Franciscan Sister of Perpetual Adoration Charlene Smith, praised Nathan's work, saying “Warm tears of joy for me. Amazed with your world of fantasy. Love Thea’s ‘speeches’ at the end. You captured her heart, her light, her spirit.”

Read more at the La Crosse Tribune or find the article at this alternative link. 

Pictured to the right are Nathan Yungerberg and Director Zhailon Levingston at their first rehearsal. 


Photo courtesy of Nathan Yungerberg.

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