Sister Julia Walsh Explores "For Love of the Broken Body" in MJB Podcast Interview

04/03/2024 4:13 pm

In a recent Messy Jesus Business podcast episode, guest host Reverend Adam Bucko explores the spiritual memoir of Sister Julia Walsh, “For Love of the Broken Body.” The interview offers an intimate look into Sister Julia’s life, beginning with a story about an accident that had a big impact on her time as a novice with FSPA.

Throughout the conversation Sister Julia and Reverend Bucko touch on themes of vocational discernment, vulnerability and the challenges of faith. Sister Julia emphasizes that discerning one’s vocation is not like taking a personality test, but rather a profound journey of self-discovery and connection with God. 

Reflecting on her own experiences, Sister Julia openly talks about how faith can be confusing as you grow and how it’s important to to keep trusting God’s help. She mentions a meeting with a Lutheran pastor who said figuring things out is like walking a path of love and that it’s normal to have doubts and wants along the way.

The interview lets us peek into Sister Julia’s personal thoughts and gives listeners a change to think about faith and community. Listen to it on Messy Jesus Buiness. 

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