Iverson Freking Excellence: Celebrating Sister Mary Ann Gschwind, Barb and Joe Kruse

01/26/2024 2:40 pm

Sister Mary Ann Gschwind, along with FSPA affiliates Barb and Joe Kruse, recently earned the Iverson Freking Ecumenical Award from the Bethany Saint Joseph Corporation. This award acknowledges individuals who actively work to bring people of different faiths together and contribute positively to the La Crosse community.
At a special luncheon, Sister Mary Ann, along with Barb and Joe Kruse, were honored for their impactful contributions to La Crosse. They were recognized for their collaborative efforts, kindness and dedication to helping others. 
Sister Mary Ann believes that having a community and connecting with others is very important. She emphasizes that life would feel isolated without the support of community and meaningful connections. Sister Mary Ann is grateful to be connected with the Church, the FSPA community and the La Crosse community.
Sister Mary Ann, along with Barb and Joe Kruse, has made a big difference in La Crosse. This award is given to those who have contributed meaningfully for 37 years, and Sister Mary Ann is now one of 84 people in our community who have earned this special award. Her kindness and love for everyone continue to inspire us. 
Let’s celebrate Sister Mary Ann Gschwind, Barb Kruse and Joe Kruse’s achievements!

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