FSPA signs Catholic Letter on Israel-Palestine

05/08/2024 4:46 pm

Cross with text that reads Catholic Sign-On Letter on Israel Palestine

We, Catholics in the United States, express our grief and dismay over the horrors that have occurred in Israel-Palestine over the last six months. We also bear witness to and speak out against the decades of injustice that have plagued the Holy Land. As Pope Francis has said, “without justice, there is no peace.” The inherent dignity of all persons and their right to life is the basis of our concern for all Palestinian and Israeli lives and our hope for a solution in which systemic injustices are addressed and the rights of both peoples granted and upheld. 

In May 2024, when this letter is being released, we continue to plead for an immediate and permanent ceasefire in Gaza and adherence to international law by all parties. 71% of U.S. Catholics support a Gaza ceasefire, echoing the position of Pope Francis, the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, the Society of Jesus, and other U.S. Catholic organizations and leaders. As of this letter’s publication, over 34,000 Palestinians in Gaza––the majority civilians––have been killed by Israel’s military assault marked by indiscriminate bombing. We mourn each life lost. Tens of thousands more are severely injured without access to adequate medical care; half of Gazans are facing famine; and most have been displaced from their homes, 70% of which have been destroyed. We are also deeply concerned about the recent spike in attacks and killings of Palestinians in the West Bank by Israeli soldiers and settlers.

Read Sign-On Letter from U.S. Catholics on Israel-Palestine

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