FSPA investing 'to help the world'

09/13/2023 1:33 pm

“Pope Francis is asking us to disrupt the economy,” states Sister Sue Ernster in the National Catholic Reporter article, “Catholic sisters continue to revise and refine how they invest to help the world.” 

“For 50 years,” writes article author Dan Stockman, “congregations have refused to invest in corporations whose business goes against Catholic social teaching … Now, some are even using their money to change the investing landscape itself.”

Wall Street sign

CNS/Reuters/Shannon Stapleton

According to the article, diversity of corporate ownership, employees, community engagement and other “companies and vendors” contracted with “should all be measured, too.” To faith-based investors, the diversity of individuals in the mix is measured “typically by race and/or being female.” 

To all of this, Sister Sue offers a pertinent question: “So how can we invest in a way that disrupts the current economy, which keeps people from participating? Our system is not equal for everything.”

Read more at ncronline.org.

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