Celebrating Artistry: Sister Shirley Wagner - Artist of the Month

04/30/2024 2:55 pm

In a tribute to 175 years of prayer, witness and service, FSPA proudly presents Sister Shirley Wagner as the Artist of the Month. 

Sister Shirley, born in 1930 and raised in Marathon, Wisconsin, is a woman of many talents. She pursued careers in both art and music. Trained as a classical musician, she holds a bachelor’s and master’s degrees in music with an emphasis in conducting. For three decades, she taught and conducted symphonies in various educational and community settings across the central and upper Midwest. Later, she transitioned into pastoral ministry at Holy Rosary Parish in Medford, Wisconsin, until her retirement in 1999. Following retirement, she dedicated herself to being a full-time artisan. Sister Shirley's artistic pursuits have led to the creation of more than 700 commissioned works, displayed across five countries. These artworks come in various sizes, from a massive 20-foot portrayal of the “Last Supper” to tiny pieces made for dollhouses.

View Sister Shirley's digital art gallery and listen to her story as an artist here. 

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