Art as Prayer


6:00 pm to 7:30 pm

Host: Franciscan Spirituality Center 

Location:  La Crosse, WI (in-person/Zoom)

Facilitator: Mary Thompson 

Please join us for a lighthearted summer of painting. You are welcome to pick one session or come to all! Our focus will be on finding the extraordinary in the ordinary. With watercolors and other assorted media, we’ll explore ways to paint the treasures discovered in our sacred spaces. Examples include a ruby red beet pulled from the vegetable garden, a bumblebee inspecting a patch of sunflowers and the fluffy, white clouds of a summer blue sky. Abundance is at our fingertips.

Supplies needed: watercolor paints, paper and brushes; collage papers and glue (if you’d like to explore collage with watercolor); pencils, colored pencils, ink pens, pastels, crayons; objects to paint, such as vegetables, fruits or flowers; photograph of a summer sky (a photo also will be provided); rags/paper towels.

Sign Up By Friday, June 16 at Midnight

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