Jail Ministry

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"Jail Ministry offers inmates opportunities they may never have had. Very few things in the lives of these men and women offer as much hope." - Former Sheriff Steve Helgeson, La Crosse, Wisconsin.

According to Rev. Paul Haugen, "Jail Ministry provides people in jail the opportunity to draw strength and guidance through their relationship with God. God works in the life of a person, communities ... why not jail ministry?" FSPA agree.

La Crosse County Jail Ministry

FSPA and affiliates are very active in La Crosse County Jail Ministry. The ministry's programs include Bible Studies, Worship Services, Religious Programming, Spiritual Formation, Group & Individual Counseling, Recovery Group Coordination, Thinking for a Change, Family Outreach, Death Notification, Grief Counseling, Volunteer Coordination, Storybook Program (females only), and Mom's Prayer Group.

Sister Nina Shephard serves as a La Crosse Jail Ministry board member.

Join the many FSPA and affiliates who provide presence in our jails.

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