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Mass for Sister Thea Bowman, choral/accompaniment edition, composed by Aaron Mathews and available at GIA Publications, Inc.


An Hour With Thea Bowman
Maurice J. Nutt, CSsR
Pastoral pamphlet

Spend an hour with one of the 20th century's most joyful evangelists. An Hour with Thea Bowman offers insights into the life and spirituality of this joyful and indomitable woman who was so full of God’s love that she insisted on sharing it with every person, no matter their background.

Born in 1937 and reared in humble Canton, Mississippi, Sister Thea spent her life communicating God’s universal and unconditional love to those most in need of good news, especially the poor and marginalized. From the author: "My newest pastoral pamphlet has been released. It is a part of the "An Hour With..." series by Liguori Publications. I was pleased to present my friend, teacher, and mentor, who will soon be considered for sainthood, Sister Thea Bowman, FSPA, Ph.D." Order An Hour With Thea Bowman 

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"Sister Thea Bowman Shooting Star," containing selected writings and speeches by Sister Thea (1937-1990). Edited by Celestine Cepress, FSPA, Ph.D. Forward by Mike Wallace of CBS. Book available for purchase from St. Rose gift shop La Crosse, Wisconsin $10 plus shipping and handling or from Sophia Book Store

Two earlier books about Sister Thea Bowman that you will find illuminating are available on Amazon and at Barnes and Noble: "Leaning on the Lord: A Retreat with Thea Bowman" and "Bede Abram" by Joseph A. Brown, SJ, St. Anthony Messenger Press, c. 1997 and "Thea Bowman Handing on Her Legacy" by Christian Koontz, RSM, Sheed and Ward, c. 1991.

For the Commission on Marriage and Family Life Department of Education, Sister Thea edited a valuable book with readings, resources and family activities: Bowman, Thea, ed. "Families: Black and Catholic, Catholic and Black." United States Catholic Conference. 1985.

In spring 2001, FutureChurch in partnership with Call to Action developed "Celebrating Women Witnesses." This publication features essays and prayer services celebrating 12 holy women. Included, among others, are Mary of Nazareth, Clare of Assisi, Teresa of Avila, Dorothy Day and Thea Bowman! Available ($10 packet) by calling 216-228-0869 or by e-mailing


"Sister Thea: Her Own Story," call 800-233-4629 or visit a library near you
"Almost Home: Living with Suffering and Dying," call 800-325-9521 or visit
Both are excellent and include Sister Thea's singing.

"Sister Thea: Ole-Time Religion" consists of 4 videos, each with two 15-min programs: "Our Calling, Our Conversion, Our Covenant, and Our Salvation." Treehaus Communications, Inc. Contact 800-638-4287 or e-mail

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