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Photo of the Week - Week 9

By Sister Meg Earsley on Wednesday, March 9th 2022

Me gustan las motos! Sister Yanira snapped this photo of me on our way back from a neighborhood yesterday. The most popular mode of transportation in this area is the motorcycle (moto in espanol) and so when I first arrived and Sister Yanira mentioned that she normally takes a motorcycle taxi to and from the clinic to visit patients, I decided I should embrace this part of the culture here. It is a gift to get to ride on a motorcycle (side-saddle of course because I am wearing a skirt!) after a hot day of walking around a neighborhood in the sun. The breeze is cooling and I even get to see a bird or two on the way back. Is it dangerous? Probably a little, but traffic in this area runs smoothly and everyone is used to the flow so we weave around a car or a truck, bounce over rocky roads, snake around big puddles on skinny tracks and make it back to the center in time for lunch. It's the best deal in town - only 3 bolivianos! (That's the equivalent of about $.45 in US dollars.) Today, when I asked Sister Yanira which photo I should share, she quickly told me this was the one!

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Mary Bley Says:
03/09/2022 7:04pm
Sister Meg, I love how you are always embracing life!

Terese Says:
03/09/2022 8:57pm
Sister Meg, I love it! I’m not sure I’d make it without falling off! Bravo!

Eileen Shaw Says:
03/10/2022 8:33am
Sister Meg, looks like fun. Love the way you are enjoying life!

Rita Says:
03/10/2022 9:17am
Thanks for your posts Meg - I LOVE them.

Clare Ellis Says:
03/10/2022 3:36pm
Hi Meg, that is FUN! It reminds me of my times working in the Philippines. We ride those almost everyday going to work or just for fun. You'll get used to it, just hold tight :)

Clare Ellis Says:
03/10/2022 3:38pm
Hi Meg, I forgot to mention, please be careful, make sure your skirt doesn’t get caught with the back wheel of the moto :)

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